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Ep 3 – Unlock the Potential of Evergreen Virtual Summits (with Jenn Zellers)

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Join me as I dive deep into the world of virtual summits with expert Jenn Zellers from Virtual Summit Search, where we discuss the numerous benefits of virtual summits for coaches and speakers, as well as strategies for hosting and participating in summits. During our conversation, Jenn emphasizes the importance of building connections and engagement as a speaker, and shares tips for getting invited to speak at summits. She also highlights the value of evergreening summits and provides advice for hosts on showcasing themselves and generating leads for their own businesses.

The Motivation Behind Virtual Summit Search

Virtual Summit Search was born out of a need to bridge the gap between speakers and hosts. Jenn realized that many speakers struggled to find suitable summits to speak at, while hosts faced difficulties in finding speakers who could provide value and engage their audience. Thus, Virtual Summit Search was created as a speaker directory, connecting speakers and hosts, and providing a platform for collaboration and growth.

The Power of Virtual Summits

Virtual summits offer numerous benefits for both speakers and hosts. For speakers, it is an opportunity to build authority, establish connections, generate leads, and make sales. By speaking at a summit, speakers gain the trust and endorsement of the host and other speakers, which fast-tracks the process of building relationships with the audience. Additionally, virtual summits provide a platform for networking and collaboration, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

For hosts, virtual summits allow them to reach a wide audience and tap into different networks. By inviting speakers to their summit, hosts can leverage the expertise and credibility of these speakers to attract attendees. Virtual summits also provide hosts with the chance to connect individually with each speaker, fostering relationships and potential collaborations. Moreover, by evergreening the summit content, hosts can create a sustainable marketing system and continually repurpose the content to fuel their visibility ecosystem.

The Process of Evergreening a Summit

Evergreening a summit involves transforming it into an ongoing resource that remains accessible to new audiences even after the live event is over. This process ensures that the valuable content and connections made during the summit continue to generate leads and engagement. While the technical aspects may vary depending on the platform used, the key is to maintain a seamless user experience for the audience. By offering an all-access pass, providing customized email reminders, and utilizing countdown timers, hosts can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging attendees to take action and engage with the summit content.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Summit

As a host, it is important to showcase yourself alongside the speakers and leverage the summit to generate leads and engagement for your own business. By strategically positioning yourself as an anchor session and incorporating recap sessions, you can highlight your expertise and demonstrate how you bring together the key learnings from the summit. This not only adds value for the attendees but also showcases your coaching approach and potential collaboration opportunities. Additionally, by inviting clients to share their expertise related to the summit topic, you can further establish your authority and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Tips for Speaking at Virtual Summits

If you are interested in speaking at virtual summits, it is crucial to let people know about your availability and interest. Networking and engaging with other summits, even as an attendee, can help you get noticed by hosts. By promoting summits you attend or speak at, you demonstrate your commitment and value to the host, potentially leading to future speaking invitations. Additionally, consider joining speaker directories like Virtual Summit Search to increase your visibility and connect with hosts actively seeking speakers. Remember, promoting yourself and engaging with the community are essential steps in securing speaking opportunities.


Virtual summits offer a powerful platform for coaches to elevate their coaching business and make a lasting impact. By leveraging the expertise of speakers and hosting engaging summits, coaches can expand their reach, build authority, establish valuable connections, and generate leads. Whether you are interested in speaking at summits or hosting your own, the key is to approach it strategically, with a focus on long-term growth and regenerative marketing. By following the tips shared by Jenn, you can unlock the full potential of virtual summits and thrive in the coaching industry.

Remember, the journey to success is not a solo one. Engage with the community, promote yourself, and seize the opportunities that virtual summits offer. Elevate your coaching business, leave a lasting impact, and shine confidently in the coaching world.

To learn more about virtual summits, evergreening, and regenerative marketing, visit Virtual Summit Search. Take the Speaking Sales Style Quiz to discover your strengths and weaknesses in sales through speaking. And for those interested in speaking at more summits, join the Virtual Summit Search speaker directory for increased visibility and collaboration opportunities.

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Jenn equips online service providers, digital product creators, and coaches to establish a Visibility Ecosystem that generates collaborations, leads, and sales through speaking – without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman!


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