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Ep 2 – Uncovering Marketing Strategies & Funnels (with Vanessa Choi)

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In this episode of the Coaching With Impact Podcast episode, I had the privilege to sit down with subject matter expert, Vanessa Choi, to hear her valuable insights on how coaches can effectively market their businesses and attract clients. She emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation, collaborating with others, and confidently putting oneself out there. Vanessa also discusses the different types of funnels and provides recommendations for essential tools and platforms.

Building a Solid Foundation for Your Coaching Business

Vanessa emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation for your coaching business before diving into marketing and funnels. While many coaches focus solely on getting clients and promoting their services, Vanessa highlights the significance of establishing your audience and network. Without a solid foundation, even the most stunning product or service will have no one to sell to. Vanessa recommends focusing on list building and networking with both potential clients and fellow coaches for collaboration opportunities. This collaboration not only increases visibility but also helps build trust and credibility within the coaching industry.

The Power of Brand Strategy

Vanessa and Fifa discuss the misconception that creating a website or defining colors and fonts should be the first step in starting a coaching business. Instead, they emphasize the importance of brand strategy. Developing a clear brand strategy, including identifying your target audience, understanding your unique selling proposition, and crafting your brand message, is crucial for effective marketing. A well-defined brand strategy helps coaches differentiate themselves from the competition and attract their ideal clients.

Effective Lead Generation Strategies

When it comes to lead generation, Vanessa advises coaches to focus on understanding their ideal clients’ pain points and delivering content that addresses those needs. By providing valuable resources, such as freebies or low-ticket offers, coaches can attract their target audience and build trust and credibility. Vanessa suggests starting with smaller products or services to allow potential clients to get a taste of what you offer before investing in higher-ticket offerings. This approach helps nurture relationships and increases the likelihood of converting leads into paying clients.

Must-Have Tools and Platforms for Coaches

Vanessa recommends several essential tools and platforms for coaches to streamline their business operations. These include a booking calendar tool, such as Book Like a Boss or Calendly, to schedule client appointments and consultations. An email platform, such as MailerLite or ConvertKit, is essential for building and nurturing an email list. Vanessa also suggests using a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal for collecting payments. Canva, a versatile design tool, is highly recommended for creating visually appealing graphics and branding materials. Additionally, coaches can benefit from utilizing scheduling tools like Later or Vista Social to plan and automate their social media posts.

Paid Advertising: When to Invest

Paid advertising can be a powerful tool for coaches to quickly grow their audience, but it should be approached strategically. Vanessa advises coaches to invest in paid advertising when they have a validated offer and a clear marketing strategy. Starting with a small budget, such as $10 to $15 per day, coaches can run lead-generation ads to attract potential clients and nurture them through their sales funnel. However, it’s important to note that advertising should be done in conjunction with a solid foundation and a well-defined marketing strategy.

The Rise of AI in Marketing

Vanessa highlights the emerging trend of AI in marketing and how it can benefit coaches. While some may have reservations about using AI tools like Chat GPT, Vanessa emphasizes that AI can save time and provide valuable insights. AI can assist with content creation, offering recommendations and solutions based on audience preferences and pain points. By leveraging AI, coaches can enhance their marketing efforts and deliver more personalized and effective content to their target audience.


Vanessa Choi’s expertise in marketing and funnel strategies provides invaluable insights for coaches looking to elevate their coaching businesses. By focusing on building a solid foundation, developing a brand strategy, implementing effective lead generation strategies, utilizing essential tools and platforms, strategically investing in paid advertising, and embracing the power of AI, coaches can create a successful and impactful online presence. Don’t forget to check out Vanessa’s free coach bundle, which includes a service page template, a brand board, and five email sequences, to help you kickstart your coaching business.

Remember, success in coaching is not just about promoting your services; it’s about building meaningful connections, delivering value, and continuously refining your marketing strategies. With Vanessa’s guidance, you can take your coaching business to new heights and make a lasting impact in the lives of your clients.

About Vanessa

As a dedicated Marketing Strategist for coaches and course creators, Vanessa specializes in transforming your online business into a thriving, sustainable business that attracts your ideal clients. With a step-by-step approach, Vanessa guides you and helps you get tangible results.

Vanessa’s approach is tailored and practical, focusing on system automation and no-fluff marketing tactics that are authentic and actionable. She is passionate about helping female coaches overcome overwhelm and achieve success. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and live your dream laptop lifestyle, let’s connect and make it happen.


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