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Ep 1 – Leveraging Threads to Build Community (with Jaree Williams)

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In this episode of the Coaching With Impact Podcast, we learn about how Jaree Williams, a Wellness Postpartum Coach helping new moms thrive in postpartum, grew her coaching business using Threads. Join us in a fun conversation while we explore the different ways she’s leveraged Threads to build her community and start a whole Youtube docuseries!

Jaree Williams, a wellness postpartum coach is creating a safe space for new moms to prioritize their wellness and rediscover themselves after giving birth. Jaree shares her personal journey and how it inspired her to become a postpartum coach, helping other moms navigate through the challenges of postpartum and maternal mental health disorders.

Rediscovering Wellness in Postpartum

Jaree, a mom of two, understands the challenges of postpartum, especially the mental health aspects. Having experienced postpartum depression herself, she realized the importance of knowledge and support during this transformative period. Her own journey inspired her to become a postpartum coach, helping more moms prioritize their wellness, navigate through postpartum, and rediscover themselves.

The Power of Threads

Jaree shares how she discovered the power of the Threads platform, a space that fosters meaningful conversations and connections. Through Threads, she was able to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community. The platform allowed her to engage with others, share her expertise, and learn from different perspectives. Threads became her main platform for connecting with her audience and fostering genuine relationships.

The Impact of Postpartum Interviews

One of the most exciting projects Jaree embarked on was conducting postpartum interviews on Threads. She initially reached out to a few women to share their experiences, but the response was overwhelming. Over 100 women expressed interest in sharing their stories, highlighting the need for awareness and support in the postpartum journey. Inspired by this, Jaree decided to create a documentary series on YouTube, showcasing these interviews and providing valuable insights for pregnant moms, new moms, and their loved ones.

The Power of Engagement

Engagement and community-building are at the core of Jaree’s approach. She emphasizes the importance of responding to comments and engaging with her audience. By creating a strong sense of community, she not only supports her clients but also receives support in return. Jaree believes that focusing on serving the community and providing valuable content leads to meaningful connections and opportunities for growth.

Lessons Learned and Overcoming Challenges

Jaree highlights the importance of perseverance and the need to overcome challenges in building a coaching business. She acknowledges the initial difficulties of connecting with the right people and the fear of rejection. However, she has learned to stay focused on her mission and trust that the right opportunities and partnerships will come. By prioritizing her community’s needs and consistently showing up, she has witnessed the positive impact she can make.

Embracing Multiple Platforms

In addition to Threads, Jaree actively utilizes other platforms to expand her reach and impact. She is dedicated to growing her YouTube channel, where she shares valuable content and insights. Her podcast, Navigating Postpartum, provides a platform for in-depth discussions on postpartum experiences, mental health, and wellness. By leveraging multiple platforms, Jaree ensures that her message reaches a diverse audience, offering support and guidance to as many women as possible.

The Exciting Future

Jaree is thrilled about her upcoming book, Nurturing the New Mom, set to be released in July. This comprehensive guide to wellness and postpartum will provide valuable insights and support for women throughout their pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. With her book, documentary series, and ongoing coaching programs, Jaree is committed to empowering women and helping them navigate the postpartum journey with confidence and self-care.


Jaree Williams, a passionate postpartum coach, is making a lasting impact in the lives of new moms. Through her elevated online presence, holistic brand strategy, and engagement on platforms like Threads, she is building a supportive community and providing valuable resources. Her personal journey and dedication to serving her community have inspired many women to prioritize their wellness, rediscover themselves, and navigate the challenges of postpartum with confidence. With exciting projects on the horizon, including her book and documentary series, Jaree is poised to make an even greater impact in the lives of women around the world.

About Jaree

Jaree Williams is a dedicated advocate for maternal health and a passionate wellness postpartum coach. Her business is centered around helping new moms achieve balance and well-being during the challenging postpartum period.

Having personally experienced and overcome postpartum depression (PPD), Jaree developed a deep understanding and empathy for the struggles faced by women during this time. With a background in education, Jaree brings a unique perspective to her coaching approach. Her ability to educate and empower her clients sets her apart, enabling her to make a significant impact in the lives of new moms.


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