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3 tips to position yourself as a premium coach

Higher-end opportunities and clients require more credibility from you online for you to rise above the competition.

For clients to pay you a premium rate, you must create a profound impact for them that helps them fulfill a specific need or problem they’re struggling with.

Positioning yourself front and center as the go-to authority in your industry allows you to charge premium rates when you’re able to clearly communicate your value. And having a proper positioning strategy means you’ve created your own lane and don’t have to worry so much about your competitors stealing away your clients.

Having a positioning strategy builds brand loyalty and when you’re able to consistently deliver and showcase your worth, your clients eventually become your walking billboards.

Ready to position yourself as THE premium go-to coach or speaker in your industry? Let’s start with the first one:

Tip #1: Have a well-defined signature offer that you’re known for

Do you have a high-ticket signature offer that you’re known for? One of the biggest mistakes I see many coaches make is they dilute their value and confusing their audience by launching multiple low-ticket offers hoping to get people through the door so they can upsell them to a bigger program.

If you believe in your offer, charge it for what it’s worth!

There’s nothing wrong with expanding on your offers if your goal is to scale. Most coaches create low-ticket offers only after they’ve proven their methodology works and are ready to make them accessible to a larger group of people.

And usually at this stage in their business, they have the capacity to hire help to execute these offers.

But if you’re looking to position yourself as a premium coach from this point on, you need one core signature offer that’s going to impact them in the biggest possible way. One that will clearly define why they should invest in it and show them what their life will look like after they’re done working with you.

The best part about crafting one impactful signature offer is you won’t have to worry about burning out trying to fulfill multiple types of offers all at one time! Contrary to popular belief, focusing on only one service package will allow you to actually make more income without overcomplicating your business. Potentially saving you hours of headache…

I saw my revenue double the moment I scaled down from 5 different offers to only one core offer. People started to know me as the go-to WordPress expert for minimal and modern designs. The moment I started to gain experience working with brands the more I realized how crucial branding was as a prerequisite to web design. That’s when my business transformed and I began to expand my services by offering branding.

By focusing on only one signature core offer, I was able to replace my full-time corporate income!

Not only does your offer need to be straightforward and clearly communicated but it also needs to be laid out strategically on a website or sales page in order to convert! One that’s straightforward, easy to understand, and gets them thinking, “Yes, you GET me! Where do I sign up?”

Tip #2: Showcase your value with a high-quality storefront

First impressions matter, so make sure you look the part upfront. The sad reality is people judge others based on their physical appearance.

When event organizers look for speakers, they turn to your website for more research to see how credible you are and to see if you’re a good fit for their event. When you want to get more paid speaking engagements, it’s crucial to position yourself as a serious speaker on your website.

Take a close look at luxury stores like Louis Vuitton for example. The way they showcase their items on their shelves and design the store interior gives you the impression that their products must be exquisite and high-quality. The moment you walk into the store, everything from the rich scent to the top-notch customer service brings the brand experience to a whole new level. That’s because they’re selling you expensive, premium products that not everyone can afford. Class and exclusivity are the main selling points here that attract those high-paying clients.

Your business is the same and should be treated the same way. If you want to attract those high-end clients who are willing to pay your premium rates, your online storefront (aka your website) needs to look the part. You need to show your audience that you know what you’re doing. You want them to see the quality and professionalism in what you have to offer by designing a website built for conversion and writing compelling copy that persuades them. This gives them an impression of how valuable your services must be for them to want to invest.

This is what you need to do to create a high-quality, distinct, and memorable brand experience that allows you to charge 4 to 5-figure rates.

Tip #3: Master your online presence with the right positioning

Be consistent in your marketing and in the way you show up. An effective marketing strategy primes your audience on what to expect when working with you and tells them why you’re worth investing in. It plays its part in weeding out the cheapskates and positions you as the premium coach who brings in results for your clients.

That same “marketing” that you were doing to get cheap clients before just doesn’t work to attract high-quality clients who are willing to pay more. High-quality clients value and look at totally different things. They value experiences.

In today’s day and age, you constantly have to fight to get people’s attention. The market can feel saturated and it can be hard to tell which coaches are the right ones to invest in. A distinct brand that creates a real connection with its audience is everything. Having an impactful and compelling story you can share with your audience allows you to draw your clients in and build trust with them over time. And clients who trust you, invest no matter what your rates are.

The experience you create for them from the very beginning affects their decision to trust and buy from you. When you have a solid brand foundation, this allows you to better position yourself in the minds of your ideal clients and beautifully communicate quality and expertise.

If you can show your audience you know what you’re doing and can truly bring in results, people will be quick to fork over their hard-earned money to you with no objections and no hesitations. Making sure your website is strategically designed to showcase your credibility and expertise allows you to provide a premium experience that sells for you 24/7.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by neglecting your long-term positioning strategy. The brand experience you create for your clients is key in converting them to loyal fans and having them rave about you to others. You may have the ability to quickly put things out there and know how to close deals but if you don’t have a clear brand foundation, a clear long-term strategy, or the systems you need to support your growth in the long run, your business won’t last.

Working with a strategist means you don’t have to overthink all the bells and whistles that come with building a brand. Strategists draw out the information you have stored in your head by asking all the right questions, organizing the information, and working together with you to strategize a complete roadmap that will set you up for success for years to come.

Are you ready to reach the next level of your business, feel confident and fully aligned to serve your clients, and give them the transformation you know you can get them?

FeiModern is a creative studio that offers web design and branding for upscale coaches and speakers who are passionate about serving other women. We work with purpose-driven, self-identified women thought leaders, coaches and world changers who are fired up about making an impact and helping other women succeed. Our mission is to lift and empower women worldwide to build thriving businesses and help them feel confident in their ability to show up, raise their prices and charge their worth.

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