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Mom's GlowUp Expo

Join us and celebrate the strength of motherhood and entrepreneurship in this exciting & transformative event.

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Elevate your speaking journey and unlock your true potential as a speaker.

This guidebook provides essential guidance for speakers, including tips for developing a unique style, creating a speaker kit, and strategies for increasing visibility and securing speaking opportunities.


Branding Best
Practices for Coaches

A comprehensive guide uncovering the 5 foundational elements to a solid brand strategy to ensure the long-term success of your brand.

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Hi, I'm Fifa!

Lover of all things aesthetically pleasing Introvert Poutine & bubbletea lover Corporate escapee

Corporate escapee turned web designer and brand strategist. You may think of me as your positive, trusted, and creative partner who will be working alongside your business and coaching you throughout every stage of your branding journey.

My name is Fifa and I build sophisticated websites for coaches, speakers, and impact-driven women, helping them elevate their brand so they can confidently charge their worth and book more calls with their dream clients.

If you’re ready to stand out online and craft an elevated brand that will attract the people who need your services most, let’s work together to make that happen!