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My Top 5 Go-To Resources That Help Me Be Most Productive

Here are a list of some of my favorite tools to use when it comes to productivity.


​I love using Trello to create my dream board, plan out new blog content, manage any ideas that pop into my head or simply to organize my goals and tasks to take on for the week. I also like to use my Google Calendar to give myself an overview of what I need to get done & put reminders.

Tailwind & Later

I use both in conjunction with one another. They are both social media schedulers that each have their own pros and cons. I am still testing the waters between which platform is best for me but honestly, so far Later is winning. Tailwind has its own perks though with their unique “Tribes” function for Pinterest. Check my other detailed post for more key differences and detailed explanations between the pros and cons of each platform.

I personally love both but if you are looking to minimize costs as much as possible and still want to be able to schedule your social media posts, I’d recommend Later which allows you to schedule up to 30 posts per month for free. Make sure to sign up (if you haven’t already) using this link to get 10 free additional posts for your first month. One post a day for about 30 days, that’s my current schedule and I’m fine with that. If I have to schedule more I’ll schedule it manually myself, no biggie!


​I am absolutely in LOVE with this platform. I use Canva to create quick social graphics to use on my social media or website. They have the most user-friendly platform for people who merely just want to make a simple graphic and avoid having to learn Photoshop. My go-to graphic design tool!


​Another one of my must-mentions. Amazing photo editing tool. It instantly transforms any photo in HD. Even with photos that have low quality lighting, all I need to do is pop it into Snapseed and toggle between a few settings and I instantly have an instagram-worthy photo to post!



​Ever since I’ve started using Skillshare, I’ve been using it religiously. If you want to learn anything step-by-step, there are thousands of classes to take. I’ve learned about affiliate marketing from there, snapseed editing, how to shoot with a DSLR, how to use Procreate effectively and much more on this platform. The best part is that most of the videos aren’t even that long. It’s slightly different from Udemy which provides a more in-depth and thorough class but for the gist of the things, I love to use Skillshare. It’s a monthly subscription but if you’d like to try Skillshare Premium for 2 months free, click here.

What are the top 5 tools or resources that help you be most productive? Let me know in the comments below!



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