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Can Building An Online Presence Really Up Level Your Personal Growth?

I get it, social media detoxes are now a thing. Instagram is making it harder for your posts to be seen in front of your audience unless you’re consistently spending hours on the platform.

But regardless, can having an online presence really contribute to your own personal development?

A lot of it has to do with you being consistent and patient along your journey. Making the conscious decision to take that first step knowing that all these obstacles are there to deter you is a brave move in itself. I applaud you for that! For believing in yourself and taking on the challenge because once you know what’s waiting for you on the other side of fear, you’d wish you started earlier!

There are tons of traditional ways to go about starting your digital footprint and Instagram and Facebook is not the only way to do it.

You’ve got WordPress or any other blogging platform, Pinterest, Tumblr (yes people are still on it!), Fiverr (a platform to publish your own gigs), Skillshare or Teachable (teach your skills through making courses online) and so much more. I know what you’re thinking.. you thought having a digital footprint or an online presence meant mostly social media?

You have so many choices to choose from and so many ways to put yourself out there for people to see you. Social media is great and I highly recommend starting through these traditional ways but it most certainly isn’t the ONLY way for you to be seen online and start making money. Even if starting a side hustle is not your jam, having on online presence will help you to land better jobs and gain more experience both personally and professionally!

In the end, the only thing that matters most is that you started. Once you’ve developed the habit of showing up consistently to deliver people value and inspiration, you’ll start noticing the results right away.

Based on my experience

Showing up online and creating my own digital footprint was one of the best moves I ever took for my own personal development.⁠

Maybe you don’t realize this yet but having an online presence through social media or a website is today’s modern day replacement for a phone book.⁠

It really took my personal growth to the next level in so many different ways.⁠

Because I made the conscious effort to take the plunge and build myself an online presence, I’ve gained so much invaluable knowledge and experience.⁠

Using these platforms allowed me to … (brace yourself this is going to be a long list)⁠

  • Build credibility for myself⁠
  • Gain practical hands-on marketing experience⁠ through building my own campaigns
  • Make beautiful new connections from all over the world⁠
  • Build a community that supports & cheers for me every step of the way⁠
  • Learn how to take photos & edit them⁠ using Photoshop and other various professional tools
  • Experience what it’s like to work with brands⁠
  • Meet other new creatives & like-minded people
  • Realize my strengths & weaknesses⁠ and what I need to improve on
  • Pick up on sales and learn how to pitch⁠ to brands and potential clients
  • Expand my professional horizons⁠
  • Learn how to work with different types of people⁠
  • Know what I like and don’t like⁠
  • Learn how to say ‘no’ to things that didn’t resonate with me
  • Master the art of storytelling⁠
  • Learn how to pose more confidently in front of the camera
  • Have a voice that inspires people⁠ to be a better version of themselves
  • Learn how to manage multiple platforms at once⁠
  • Push myself to get out of my comfort zone⁠
  • Experiment and involve myself with different projects
  • Learn how to analyze data⁠
  • Gain new opportunities that presented themselves in front of me⁠
  • Build confidence and stay true to myself⁠
  • Keep myself accountable throughout my entrepreneurial journey⁠
  • Learn how to write engaging & effective copywriting⁠
  • Push my boundaries and express myself without fear of judgement⁠
  • Improve on my speech and verbal communication skills⁠
  • Learn how to be patient & stay consistent in the game⁠

And the list goes on…⁠

Please keep this in mind. Simply by making the decision to show up online, you are showing up for yourself.⁠

As much as social media drains me and I often have to take breaks every now and then, I am forever grateful for the internet and these various platforms for existing. It’s such a powerful tool that not enough people know how to maximize.⁠

My job is to teach you how get out of your comfort zone and to start making the most out of the resources that you have at your disposal. You are so lucky and you don’t even realize it sometimes that you are living in this day and age where everything is so easily accessible. It’s so easy to start a side hustle where you can start making some extra dough online without much upfront capital and without having to fully depend on your 9 to 5. Even if you love your job, having multiple streams of income will provide you with that extra security blanket in the case where you end up losing your job due to unforeseen circumstances.

I’m just trying to teach you how to save your ass in the case any of that stuff happens, God forbid.

By having an online presence and having these platforms for me to share my story and experiences with you all, it just makes it so much easier for me to help you realize your potential and to start taking action. 2020 is about to be your year! And I’m about to help make that happen for you as much as I’m about to make it happen for myself!

It’s a snowball effect

Last year, I developed a FREE printable workbook (yes, you heard that right) called the “Jumpstart Your Passion” workbook. I saw some people download it, print it out and worked on it. But not one person was able to complete the workbook completion goal within the designated time frame that was asked. Meaning that whatever free resources you have, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll use it to its fullest potential and start changing your life for the better.

Free is great. Everybody loves free, so do I!

But what I realized about giving out your expertise for free is that people don’t take you as seriously and won’t put in as much work. Don’t get me wrong, giving out free information is a great way to establish your credibility in order to build that trust with your potential clients. I’m not saying creating free things is a no no. I’m just saying that the key thing here is to create a freebie that will directly link and up sell to your paid products or services.

I learned all that through my experience trying to build my blog here and creating a free resource for people to download in exchange for their email. Sure, it helped me build my email list but what I wanted was for people to get RESULTS from using my workbook. Developing an online presence helped me realize that.. it led me to create a blog where I developed the intention to build my email list through creating a free resource people would find value in. This in turn, taught me that providing free information is necessary to build that know, like and trust factor with potential clients (which I did though my blog and instagram) because it helps to establish me as an expert. Which then led me to dive deeper into teaching myself more effective marketing strategies and sales tactics. Finally leading me to the conclusion that making my workbook free was not the best idea unless I had something to sell.

It’s like a snowball effect. One thing leads to another and then another and you just continue learning and feeding your curiosity.

This is one of the biggest lessons I learned last year.. information or anything that is given out for free won’t make you move as much as opposed to if you paid for it and put some skin in the game (aka your hard earned dollars). That is why I decided to remove the freebie altogether, revamp it, put a price tag on it and possibly sell it instead.. or have something to up sell it with.

So let me ask you, how has your experience been with building yourself an online presence? If you still haven’t started, what is stopping you?

Featured image photo credits go to: Abshotz_P

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