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Celebrating 2023: A Year of Hard Lessons & Growth

Happy 2024!

I can’t even begin to tell you what a turbulent yet incredible year 2023 has been. Like most of you, it has been quite a rollercoaster. Yet here we are, we made it through and conquered another one for the books! 💪📚

I want to take this moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support and trust in me ❤️

This year was a tough one to say the least, from dealing with a loss of a family member to severing ties with people who I no longer vibed with. I had to learn the hard way this year to protect my peace and energy even more than ever from people who constantly overstepped my boundaries and took advantage of my kindness.

Despite all these challenges, it was also a year of rude awakening ⚡️

I was forced to take a hard look at my business and reevaluate the direction I wanted to take it.

The truth was… My business wasn’t sparking the same joy as it once did. The light was dimming out and as much as I loved helping my clients bring their brands to life, there was just something missing.

So I stepped back, took a break and looked inward to seek the answers 🧘🏻‍♀️

The question then became; how could I help my coaching clients build more impact? Like not just through their brand & website but REAL impact that would lead them to direct and immediate results?

That’s when it hit me.

Events and speaking 🎤✨

And just like that, my business pivoted and those two became my primary focus for the rest of the year.

Helping female coaches elevate their online presence and build impact has been my mission since the beginning and now I’m excited to take it even further!

I want you to know that it’s perfectly normal to no longer feel the same excitement you once had for your business.

In moments like this, I want you to ask yourself, “What sparks me joy? And how can I infuse some of it into my business again so I feel motivated to continue showing up?”

Maybe that looks like hiring help to tackle the boring, tedious tasks in your business like admin work or bookkeeping. That way, you can focus on the high-level stuff that you ACTUALLY enjoy doing!

Or, maybe that looks like scheduling 2 hours a week into your schedule for more fun and play. This could be picking up on a new skill, working on a fun new project, or exploring different tools if you’re a tech nerd like me 😂

Whatever joy looks like to you, find a way to incorporate it as a part of your routine or find time to work on the things that you actually care about.

This realization led me to co-host not one, but TWO in-person conferences this year with over 100 women in attendance as well as host my very first virtual summit 🙌

The Highlights

Despite all the obstacles that came up throughout the year, I also got to experience many highlights worth mentioning. Let’s review!

Filmed A Documentary Segment for How She Dares [April]

Earlier this year, I had the privilege to partake in an inspiring documentary filming in April along 4 other badass businesswomen that day. The film is called How She Dares directed by one of my clients Zoonie Nguyen and set to premiere this coming Spring 2024!

The movie aims to inspire and uplift audiences by showcasing the remarkable stories of courageous women who have dared to challenge societal norms and overcome obstacles. I’m so ecstatic to be able to take part in such an incredible project with so many beautiful souls ❤️

Travelled to NYC For My Very First Girls Business Trip! [April]

I went on my very first girl’s trip to NYC to attend the Big Dreams Big Energy Summit in April. It was the first time ever going on a business trip with girls I’ve never met in my life! It was an impromptu decision when my close friend invited me to go. At first I was hesitant but I decided to use this opportunity to push myself and go all out to close my biggest month in sales to be able to go on this trip ✨

Just picture 6 girls who flew in from Ottawa, Toronto & Dallas who never met each other in person meeting up in NYC for the very first time! What a blast of a trip and I’m so glad I went 🙌

Co-Hosted the When She Wins Summit [July]

This year was the first year since 2018 that I’ve hosted a huge event in collaboration with Tracey Nguyen, founder of BOWO Creative, close friend and business coach. It was incredible! The energy in the room was vibrant, the speakers were spectacular and the venue was absolutely stunning. We had the opportunity to work with sponsors like GMA Clinic, Saigon Optical, Mortgage Savvy, and Fondy Tam to name a few. We even created our very own scholarship worth over $18k of resources, support and mentorship to award a deserving attendee the opportunity to take her business to the next level! Congrats again to Natalie Cheng of Nouveau Canvas for winning the WSW Scholarship!

Became Toronto WEDO Ambassador [Nov]

Back in 2022 when I attended the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) Canada for the very first time, little did I know I’d end up volunteering and taking on the role as the Toronto ambassador alongside Amanda Gilkinsin for their 2nd annual summit. What a privilege! 🌟

We had a fantastic lineup of notable speakers like Emily O’Brien (ComeBack Snacks) and Tonia Jahshan (Sipology) as our keynote speakers. We also had Rina Rovinelli (Speaker Slam), Monica Kwias (MMK Marketing) and panelists; Nuit Regular (PAI, Chaiyo, Kiin, SukhoTHAI), Zuly Otalora-Matallana (TIARA Bliss), and Aseel El-Baba (Holistic Optimal Wealth) representing our theme of resilience and building emotional and mental toughness.

Through our combined team efforts putting together the event and securing generous sponsors like TD, Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH), BDC and a few others, we were able to raise money to award scholarships of $2,500 each to 3 deserving post-secondary students to fuel their entrepreneurial ventures! Congrats again to Azadeh Dastmalchi (Vital Tracer), Narjes Allahrabbi (Fertilead) and Avrilyn Li (Stealth Startup) 🥳

Hosted my very first virtual speaker summit – Ignite Your Impact [Nov]

Not only that, I also decided to take the leap and hosted my very first virtual speaker summit with all 11 speaker interviews recorded in less than 1 month… which took place 2 weeks after hosting the WEDO in-person conference.

Yeah I know, WILD!

Let’s just say, I didn’t talk to anyone after that for at least a week 🫠

Though despite all that and to my surprise, for the first time in months I actually felt LIT up again ✨

It was such a great turnout of an event that I’m planning to do it again this year!

Through taking the time to rediscover myself by learning more about my human design (Projector here! 👋), I was able to give myself grace for not being able to keep up with the masses (for context, I learned I just did NOT have the same energy as manifestors, generators & mani-gens) 😅

I learned to deepen my relationship with myself before building new ones, found joy again through discovering new hobbies, finally took control of my finances and got myself out of my comfort zone after hibernating for so long.

Even though my business did not flourish as well as I thought it would financially this year, these obstacles were what forced me to reflect on myself in order to learn the hard lessons that were required of me in order to move on to the next level.

In other words, it primed me to step into visibility for this year 🌟

Thank you for your support

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because if it weren’t for you continuously cheering me on and supporting me along my journey, I wouldn’t be here today 💖

As the new year begins, I urge you to take a step back and reflect on all the incredible wins you accomplished last year despite all the challenges and obstacles you may have faced.

Our vibrant community is at the core of everything we do, driving us towards excellence tailored specifically for coaches like yourself. From creating stunning WordPress website designs that perfectly showcase your unique voice as thought leaders, to providing valuable tips on building memorable brands – each step forward has been made together. 

And as we gear up for an exciting new year ahead filled with endless possibilities, let’s continue pushing boundaries and making even more profound impacts within the competitive coaching landscape! I cannot wait to continue this journey alongside you and support you in achieving your goals 🤗

We have so much to look forward to this year and tons of plans to take this community even further. Here’s to an absolutely incredible 2024 with full of blessings and opportunities 🥂🥳

With love,


FeiModern is a creative studio that offers web design and branding for upscale coaches and speakers who are passionate about serving other women. We work with purpose-driven, self-identified women thought leaders, coaches and world changers who are fired up about making an impact and helping other women succeed. Our mission is to lift and empower women worldwide to build thriving businesses and help them feel confident in their ability to show up, raise their prices and charge their worth.

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