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You Fail, You Get Back Up

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been blogging for about a month now. I’ve just been very busy with the new job that I mentioned I started. The first week that I started I was put to job shadow for pretty much the entire week because they were waiting for the new guy to start so that we could both be trained at the same time. They put me into an intensive sales training for the next 2 weeks and I must say it has been brutal. I am an inside salesperson but this training was tailored specifically to outside salespeople so both me and another inside salesperson was put into this training program simply for exposure. This supposedly meant that we wouldn’t be evaluated whatsoever and that our real training would start after this 2 week training program. So the following week after the training was when our real in-depth training was to begin specifically for our jobs as inside salespeople. Guess what happened after 2 days training that week? They fired our asses. Yep. Called us both into the HR office mid day and deemed our skill set as “not fit enough for the job.” Are you effing kidding me? There was no warning whatsoever. Everything was going smoothly, we had just finished our 2 week intensive training that wasn’t even meant for us, got back and had our own private in depth training and then mid-week mid-day was let go just like that. And here I thought I was actually doing well. During our in depth training sessions, I even impressed the trainer by completing the entire semi-conductor/passive chart list along with a manufacturer for every component. Heck, she even showed the other trainer next to her how impressed she was. Did that even matter anyway? Because the next day they fired our ass.

All of this to say, always be on your guard. I was already starting to get comfortable with my desk and began setting up everything nicely and the next thing you know, I’m kicked out with all of my things so fast like I just did something terrible. That, my friends, is a perfect example of a poorly organized company. They were the ones who found me on, convinced me to leave my previous job to join them thinking this was a miracle opportunity and then laid me off within 3 weeks time. I have no words to describe how upset I was. I was shocked. The other guy got called into HR office before me. I was called in afterwards and didn’t even have time to comfortably sit down when the trainer bluntly said, “We’re going to have to let you go.” To be honest, I thought it was a joke. I was waiting for her to say, “I’m just kidding” but then the HR woman stated, “We don’t feel like you are a good enough fit for the position.” I was astounded. Shocked. I froze and could not utter a word. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was so happy at this company. Everyone was so nice to me. I met so many great people. I was treated so well. And now, everything was turned upside down. Rewind — What?

The trainer had left from the office at this point. Apologized and fled. I tried my hardest to keep myself together, to keep my composure. Eventually, I just.. cracked. I broke down in tears. I tried to express myself, ask all of the questions that I could but I cried so much that I could not even communicate properly. Blasphemy. They brought all of my stuff down and the HR woman waited patiently as I calmed down and helped me out of the building. I later spoke to my now ex-coworkers and they were as shocked as I was. They felt the company hired too many people too fast and didn’t meet their yearly budget so as a result, they had to let us go.. How disorganized. I had even asked the HR woman to provide me a detailed reason as to why I was let go. She didn’t even provide me with one. So I gave up and moved on with my life. I still kept my composure and wrote the kindest email I could to remain as professional as possible even though the way they handled my leave was exactly the opposite. I was not going to leave behind a disrespectful image of me. That is just how I roll.

I debated whether or not to disclose this event. But I figured, the point of this blog was to showcase my journal to success; both my successes as well as my failures. Failures as you all know is a part of life. It is what will lead you to success. The faster you fail, they faster you will succeed. Keep that in mind. This was the first time I had ever been laid off. First time for everything. And it was to emphasize the fact that I too have my ups and downs. I cried and became depressed for about a day but then I forced myself to think of it as merely a taste of life. It also helped the fact that I was able to talk about it with my loved ones as well as my friends. Surprisingly enough, many people were very considerate and tried to help me out as much as possible. They gave me advice, tips, information for employment insurance and even job links. I felt so touched by the amount of help I received.

Remember, you are never alone. You don’t have to face these obstacles alone. There are always people out to help you no matter what. You just have to ask.

Now, on to my next new venture. Job search mode activated.

Kisses, X.O.X.O.
– Fifster

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