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My 3 Month Experience Attempting to Dropship Products

Look whose finally back after not blogging for close to 3 months now!

I really do apologize for not keeping up with the weekly updates like I had promised. It’s just really difficult at the moment with everything that’s been going on.. My grandfather just recently passed away on Sept. 21st so things have been pretty rough for me and my family.

Also, as you guys know I will be moving out soon with my wonderful partner in Dec (move-in date got delayed another 3 weeks) so there’s lots of preparation for that as well. I am the most excited for it and greatly anticipating the new lifestyle change.

But the thing that’s taking up the most of my time these days is managing my new Shopify store.

One of my previous posts I mentioned I wanted to start a new T-Shirt business but after careful consideration, plans quickly changed. I also created an Etsy shop but I found it was a lot harder than I thought (marketing was very difficult). So, I kind of just decided to scrap the project altogether and started something new.

Belle Luxe Fashion

After about a month of arranging and preparing every aspect of my website on my own, trying to make it as perfect as possible, I finally launched at the end of July! How exciting is that right?

I created an Instagram for it, designed the entire website myself, created the facebook page, wrote all the product descriptions, marketed it, bought the domain and created all the graphic designs. Basically every single aspect of the business was all done by me. Hence, why it took a whole month to finally launch the site.

After all that hard work and dedication, I can proudly call it my own. I barely went out at all for the last 3 months (mainly trying to save as much money as possible). All of the free time and extra money I had, I invested it all into the business.

You must think by now I’m rich right? Wrong. I am in a deficit.

I have not made a single sale yet. Sure, my Instagram following is close to 1000 followers now (I did experiment with buying followers though, 500 to be exact) but I am still not making a single dollar. I spent already a little over $500 but still have had no luck… Everyone says my website looks amazing and professional. However, all of that is important but if there is no demand for the product will I actually be able to make money from this?

Shopify is no get rich quick scheme like many people on Youtube may say.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

I know my mistake and that it is not doing the proper research on selecting my target niche market. I didn’t do it. I should have. But I wanted to do something related to fashion and accessories. Bad idea because fashion is one of the most highly saturated markets out there.

I knew all this but I did it anyway.

I don’t regret taking on this project at all though in fact, I am glad I did because I learned the most I ever would have if I had merely just read everything. I’m more of a hands-on type of person so taking on this challenge is the best way for me to learn. I also realize that I want to get a job in the E-commerce industry.

This is such an exciting and fun thing for me. I love the idea that I created something from the ground up and I own it. It’s the best feeling in the world, I can tell you that.

Dropshipping from Aliexpress is a great business model in itself but is not known to be a long term business strategy. Too many people are doing it and you have to be able to figure out ways to differentiate yourself from the saturated market of dropshippers out there. It’s an experiment and a huge challenge for me like I said but so worth the gamble!

What’s Next?

So what are the next steps?

Will I continue or scrap it?

Although I can choose to drop this project right here right now, I think I will keep it and continue to try to make it work. I will be injecting more money into it (about $40 a month for Shopify subscription and a few ads here and there) but it’s definitely something I would like to continue and see if I can do something about it in order to turn it profitable. I am however, thinking about experimenting with a new strategy with dropshipping products but it’s simply a thought.

Can’t be doing everything at once now can we? Okay, I am known to do that but like I said we will see. I guess you may go ahead and call me a solopreneur because I am one.

On a side note, I was watching a movie the other day with Anne Hathaway (I love her!) called, “The Intern.” Best. Movie. Ever. I absolutely loved it and is definitely placed in my favorite movies list. I definitely recommend checking it out because it is such an inspiring story and really makes you smile. Yes, I agree there are many cheesy moments but it is worth your time, I swear. You need to watch it.

Anywho, that is my 3 month update on my path on attempting to be successful. Hope you guys are enjoying my journey so far even though I rarely ever post but whoever out there who is actually reading my posts, thanks for tuning in!

Lots of love,


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