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Just Go Out There & Meet New People Because, Why Not ?

I have been using Shapr more often and have been using it to connect with a few like-minded people allowing me to gain some new insights over the past week. All I did was message some people but we never really met up. Until one day I met this one girl who asked me if I would agree to arrange a meet up and get to know each other better over coffee or dinner. Out of all of the people I spoke to, she seemed to be the one I connected to the most. I decided, why not ? So we both agreed on a time and place. We finally decided to go for some brunch over the weekend.

The day grew near and I was quite excited. I also didn’t know at all what to expect. On the day of I arrived there a little earlier than she did and waited outside Faberge restaurant. A few minutes later, she arrived and we went in and got seated right away regardless of the lineup. We got lucky we didn’t have to wait long.

Right away, we started talking and getting to know each other. There were absolutely no awkward moments and it didn’t feel at all like we were strangers. It felt great.

This is definitely one of my favorite things to do. To just sit over a quiet place and connect with people on a deeper level (well, it was quite crowded so it wasn’t very quiet but enough for us to have a nice conversation). My party days are over, nowadays this is all I really want to do (I think I am getting old haha). I guess you could say I place my priorities a little more differently now.

She was three years younger than me but much more driven. She was finishing up her Event Planning course at Lasalle College and was currently working on contract for a wedding planning company. Her job sounds fun, I wouldn’t mind doing that too. The fact that she gets to drive everywhere and meet new people sounds so much better than my boring desk job, isolated every single day in my workspace (they don’t like to call them cubicles here). I mean, don’t get me wrong my job is great … just the pay doesn’t satisfy me and I need a bit more of a challenge. I want to move around. I would say I am quite an active person so having to sit at a desk all day in front of the computer is not my ideal type of job. Doing what she does sounds fun and makes me want to get into it. That’s something to think about. Maybe later who knows? Hey, new insights!

New Friendship?


Anyways, it was such a pleasure meeting her. I ended up making a new friend and learned so much just by speaking to her. She told me about all of these interesting upcoming entrepreneurship workshops and meetups that I otherwise would have never known about had I never met her.

I read a LinkedIn post once saying to always enter a conversation with an open mind. You never know where the conversation will lead and I find that so true. Hence, why I am a lot more open these days. Before, I was very hesitant to speak to strangers because I was shy and at the same time, I didn’t really care to get to know anyone. But nowadays since I have shifted my mindset to think differently I am open to anyone and anything. Once you have rewired your brain to think differently, you find yourself doing things you never would have thought you would ever consider doing. And that’s the beauty of it all and one of the reasons why networking is so important.

Because I’ve decided to use this Shapr app, I have met an amazing person and have created a potential opportunity for myself.

Always keep an open mind.

– Fifster

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