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A Guide to Inspiring The Look of A Modern Home (Part 1)

Welcome to this four part series on how we styled our home to live a modern, minimalist lifestyle and how you can get inspired to transform yours as well!


​One thing you need to know before completely immersing yourself in a home makeover is that you are not only turning your home around but essentially taking on a completely new lifestyle. If you are currently living in a home that’s cluttered, unruly, unorganized, with tons of junk & knick-knacks you rarely touch still lying around then you need to be aware that this is both a transformation of environment as well as a transformation of the mind, body & soul.


What  does this mean? Be prepared to throw out a lot of the stuff you don’t use! But don’t worry I will show you how you can display your collectibles in a clean way and provide tips on how you can hide your knick-knacks that you really can’t bring yourself to throw away. It’ll be like your little home detox.


In this post we will be covering three main areas; the living room, bedroom and office area in 3 different parts.


inspiring the look of a modern home

​What is the Concept of Minimalism?


Minimalism is a life philosophy, it is having the chance to pursue your dreams.

Well, it is much more than simply a lifestyle. It is way beyond that; it is having the chance to pursue your dreams.
Because when you declutter your space, you are essentially allowing your mind to declutter as well (hence why I mentioned earlier why hiding your knick-knacks and “slimming down” of clutter is so crucial for this home transformation). You see, when you choose to live a minimalist lifestyle it allows you to focus on the things that matter the most. Your focus suddenly shifts from materialistic to experiential which allows you to live a happier, more fulfilling life.


Just think about it, did you feel happier going on that long awaited vacation or buying that lovely dress you’ve been eyeing for some time? ​Focusing on experiences rather than material things makes you much happier in the long run. A simple way to put that in mind is that less is more. The more you are able to eliminate the unnecessary things in your life, the more you can truly focus on your goals and vision for the future.

inspiring the look of a modern home

Why a White Theme?

Having a white themed space creates a non-distracting environment to help you focus on what’s most important.

​Believe it or not, most of the furniture in our home was from IKEA. Our main go-to furniture stores were Wayfair, HomeSense & Structube.

My boyfriend and I both decided we wanted that white, glossy feel with silver accent pieces. Mirrors, glass, stainless steel, frosted glass and a select few pieces of gold accents here and there make up the theme of our tiny but cozy 740 sq ft condo.

So first off, why a white theme?

I am very well aware that white gets dirty easily, requires more maintenance and can be a complete nightmare for neat freaks like myself. But, if you know how small a 740 sq ft condo is then surely you will understand why we opted for a white theme. We also don’t yet have kids so we know later on having this theme will be close to impossible once we do decide to pop out kids.


White gives a whole new feel to your surroundings. It’s non-distracting and creates an illusion of a bigger space. Especially for a condo like ours that has big windows and tons of light filling in throughout the day, having a white theme makes our condo appear even brighter.


​I don’t know about you but I absolutely love brightly lit spaces. It makes me feel like a whole new meevery morning waking up in my home and makes me feel like every day is a new start to building my dreams. Kind of like staring at a fresh blank new canvas, a piece of blank white paper or walking into an empty room with tons of open space. You can see the analogy there. I love it; the feeling of starting something new, feeling fresh and feeling free to pursue anything I want.


White is usually associated with clean, modern environments. It may sound counter-intuitive but having a white themed space makes your place appear cleaner than it actually is. Even if you rarely clean and do the bare minimum at least once a week, your home can still appear fresh even though there is dirt here and there. I clean every now and then and dedicate only 10 min a day and I can tell you it’s not that hard to maintain. It also gets you into the habit of cleaning so you can maintain your home and make it last longer for years to come.

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inspiring the look of a modern home

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