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"Working with Fifa on my website was a fantastic experience. My website was an embarrassment to me for so long and it never felt like an urgent and important priority to get it updated until I met Fifa and I felt like right out of the gate, she was a great match for me."

I loved her clean, simple designs. I knew I wanted my website to have a lot of white space and be colorful and really showcase what's most important to me and my clients and I feel like Fifa did a terrific job translating that into a new website for me that I'm so proud of. It was such a time of joy and pride and honestly relief when we relaunched my new site knowing that I had this really good-looking home on the web. A place that I could proudly send prospects and clients to. I also when I published my new website, I shared it with everyone I could think of. I sent a ton of emails announcing this exciting website relaunch and I got really great feedback from clients and colleagues and partners on what the website looked like and how it was laid out. So I'm just so thrilled that I worked with Fifa on my site. I really appreciated how easy she made it to give feedback. The markup tools that she taught me to use to give feedback and make edits. I also want to to adjust express my appreciation for how patient Fifa was. I was not always quick to get back to her on things but she never made me feel pressured, or she was just very easy to work with in terms of a timeline and creatively as well. Giving feedback, sharing different ideas for how to make the website look even better. So, thank you so much Fifa. I'm thrilled with my new website and I appreciate it so much!


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A screen shot of a website with a green background.
A screenshot of a page with a green background.

Eva Jannotta helps women thought leaders produce, execute and market their unique body of work. Her clients build exponential audiences, attract lucrative opportunities, and become recognized authorities in their field.

We first met each other through a community where I got intrigued and had the amazing opportunity to join her popular Women Leader’s Roundtable Series (a highly recommended experience I believe everyone should become a part of!). It is invitation-only so if you’re interested in participating, make sure to check out her website and apply.

Eva knew she needed to revamp her website but just didn’t have the technical know-how or design capabilities to achieve the desired look and feel she wanted. She didn’t feel confident and was embarrassed to showcase her website anywhere.

Her services weren’t laid out clearly and there was a lack of design throughout the entire site. Navigating through each page was difficult and didn’t encourage visitors to take action because there just weren’t enough clear call-to-action buttons.

The blog pages also didn’t have any sidebar with additional links for readers to navigate through or prompt them to read more about her.

After some time DIYing her site herself, she decided to eventually outsource this part and focus on her zone of genius—helping women leaders defy the status quo, amplify their influence and expand their wealth and power.

Her website was built out on WordPress using our favourite visual front-end web builder, Elementor.

1. Ideation: The first stage of the project was spent communicating different ideas, gathering assets and compiling resources together.

2. Design: After deciding on the sitemap, website goals and strategy, we got to work designing the wireframes and putting together the prototypes. We used a combination of stock photography and brand photos to put together a selection of 3 initial home page concepts with various layouts for Eva to choose from.


Once the layout and home page concept was decided on, we moved on to design the rest of the pages and presented them to her for review.

3. Revision: After two rounds of refinements on the mockups using our favorite and simple tool, we moved next towards the implementation phase.

4. Implementation: The part where the website mockups come to life! We developed all the new designs onto WordPress and imported all of her old blog posts to the new domain. Animations, SSL, special transitions and basic SEO setup were also added during this phase.

5. Testing: Final testing begins! We sent Eva the link to the fully-developed site and once again asked her to go through one final round of testing and small edits on her end as well as ours.

6. Launch: We chose a date on which to officially go live and shared the launch of her new brand/website across all our social media platforms. Time to celebrate!

After some time collaborating and working through the concepts together, she now has a beautifully strategized website to put out into the world. A place on the internet where her audience can now go to learn more about her service offerings, sign up for her high-impact programs and see everything she has to offer all in one simple place.


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