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Keep an Open Mind; The World is Full of Possibility

I watched the movie “Interstellar” yesterday and it really left me pondering by the end of it. For those of you who have not yet watched it, I highly recommend it. The movie is essentially about a man who leaves his children behind to partake on an expedition to discover a new planet to live on. The movie takes place in the future when the Earth is dying and running low on resources. The only hope for humanity’s survival is to find a new place with the same resources as Earth.

This movie emphasizes on the importance of time. One hour spent on a planet is equivalent to 23 years on a shuttle floating outside of the time shaft of that planet. One week of our life spent is equivalent to a month that has passed in the life of a rabbit. If you think of life this way, that is when you realize how short life is. You can’t take back time.

The world is full of possibility. If you think about it we are but a tiny speck in the universe. There are hundreds of thousands of galaxies and planets. The possibilities are endless. Many things are left unexplained. That is why I try to keep an open mind and why I believe in spirits, magic and anything that is deemed “impossible.” Anything is possible. The stuff you see in the movies? Totally possible. How were the pyramids built back then if every block of the pyramid weighed in tons? With the tools and the technology they had back then, how did they manage to build the pyramids? How is it that the rock walls lined around Machu Picchu are so perfect? How did they shape the rocks in a way that every single piece of rock fit perfectly to the next?

I believe history repeats itself. I believe that civilization has failed many times in the past but we keep repeating our mistakes and end up starting over again. That is why there are so many prophecies foretold in religion that end up happening. It is really quite frightening. But we can’t live life in fear. Those who live in fear end up wasting their life.

There are so many questions that even today we still do not know the answers to. Therefore, keep your mind open.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” – Albert Einstein


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