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Unlock your hidden superpowers and start making some extra money doing exactly what you LOVE and what you EXCEL at! There are endless opportunities waiting for you to conquer them. This work book will guide you through all of the necessary stages to help you figure out exactly what your natural-born talents are and monetize them!

Jumpstart your passion Workbook
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This work book will help:

Plan out your goals

Come up with your “Why”

Set up an in-depth plan of action

Build up your daily affirmations

Create your income plan

Track & analyze your progress

Challenge you with quick wins & exercises

And finally, push you to develop proven and successful habits designed to help you live your best life.

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Once you select your single most important project, make sure that you are working on it every single day. Every day you keep pushing ahead, will increase the power of your working engine and this is exactly what this workbook was designed to help you do.