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It’s Time for a Change

I’ve been thinking lately about my life, my job, my lifestyle … everything. And I’ve been debating for some time now whether or not I should look for a new job because of the low pay and the little to no opportunities for advancement at the current company that I work for. I know I said I was going to try to get a sales job but of course, life changes and so does my sense of direction. As a result, I have made up my decision to try to get a new job not in sales but more within the field of marketing preferably or coordination type jobs. Ideally, I would love to work in something related to E-commerce so I can learn the ropes and start applying it to my own future business. The reason I hesitated in trying to find a new job was because I am really comfortable where I am currently working. Hours are flexible, there’s a free gym, fully equipped cafeteria, people are nice and I have the most awesome and down to earth manager ever. Best of all is that no one is really on your back all the time. As long as you get the work done, they don’t care what you do. I also love my little workspace, it’s like my own little office except with no doors.

Most people stop trying to advance when they feel like they are comfortable somewhere. They stick with their routine for years on end. Some people don’t even ask for a raise or try to move up. It is like they have lost all motivation or just don’t like any change in their life. I can never do what these people do. Maybe that’s why I change jobs so often (once every year or two) .. Anyways, people may have their reasons for it but I know what mine is. I get bored and I need advancement and opportunities in my life. I need challenge. Challenge is what makes life more exciting. I guess you could say I get easily bored.

I feel like it’s time for a change. I applied at a few jobs and got some responses back. I even applied as a waitress for a VIP lounge for the upcoming Grand Prix weekend. I just went for my 2nd interview today so I hope I am one of the 50 few that get selected to work this weekend! Definitely need that extra cash! It’s worth a shot right? Besides, it won’t just be the reason why I want to work there. I have never stepped foot in the Grand Prix stadium before so this will be exhilarating. On top of that, I won’t simply be a waitress during the event serving regular people. I would be waitressing super rich folks who are able to rack up $5000 for an exclusive VIP package for two days! I know, insane right? I will be serving the super rich. That will be quite an experience haha!

I also got a missed phone call today from Aldo Group that I applied at last week for an Account Coordinator position. I tried calling back twice but no answer. I should have left a voicemail. Oh well, I will call back tomorrow. It is a job for a 6 month contract, 6 months doesn’t sound very good but to me I see it as opportunity. If I get selected, it will be my real chance to actually work at a fashion company! My dream… I really hope I get the job.

Wish me best of luck guys!!!!

– Fifster

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