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It’s Not About You

Many people want to get rich. Why? Because they want to improve their standard of living, live a worry-free life, obtain financial security, retire early, retire their loved ones and so on and so forth. But most people think about themselves and not about other people. Everything to them is “I.” In order to be successful, people need to think less about themselves and more about others. Then, the wealth will follow. In Rich Dad’s book there are 3 types of money; competitive money, spiritual money and cooperative money. Everyone is after competitive money, we try to compete with one another to make money. Cooperative money is working with your team that have the same goals aligned to make money together. Finally, there’s spiritual money which the aim is not to get rich but to fulfill a need for your customers and then the wealth will soon follow. Robert Kiyosaki and his partners abide by this belief. He believes a business in order to be successful must have a strong mission and a spiritual requirement to fulfill its customer’s needs.

It’s not about you. It’s about the customer. Your customers are your bosses. A successful business leader needs to understand this because the customers are the ones that bring in the wealth for you. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on them and not on you. Now, this may sound obvious but many people forget this and that is what drives businesses to failure. My co-worker recommended a video to me on YouTube of an interview hosted by The Breakfast Club with Dame Dash who is the co-founder of Rocawear fashion. Most of the stuff he said made sense. The only thing I didn’t agree with was the fact that he said no one should be your boss. Again, your customers are your bosses, they are the ones who pay you and provide you with the income. If you don’t satisfy them, they will fire you. Dame said he never had a boss and no one will ever be his boss. Amongst other things, what I agreed with him the most was that it is not about you. He built a business so that his children would never have to work and that they would always be their own boss. His son sells cookies and makes his own income. Dame wanted to open a store so that his children would have a place to sell whatever it is they wanted to sell. I found this point very interesting. The interview was quite long but it was entertaining and resourceful. I recommend you guys to watch it, I will post the link below.

It is also important to mention that if you want to create a successful business that will continue to be profitable even after you’ve left, you need to be able to separate yourself from the business as a brand. In other words, you need to leave yourself and put your brand through the “eye of the needle.” If you are the business itself and the business cannot function properly if you are not there physically then you have not been successful in separating yourself from your business. You, yourself cannot be the brand. Always look for an Exit strategy the moment you start a business. These are all ideas I have heard from Robert Kiyosaki and Marc-Anthony Bates. You need to create a process that can be replicated and make your money work for you. You may listen to the podcast in the link below. It is called “The QuadPod” which just started this year actually. So again, it is not about you it is about the customer. Don’t be selfish.

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