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Is It Time to Buy Precious Metals?

It seems like the price of Gold is beginning to drop slowly. It is still expensive, of course. However, if you’re interested in Gold and plan to buy it one day now is the perfect time to invest in it. Remember, Gold preserves your wealth. It was used as the method of payment before the collapse of the Bretton Woods system in 1971 and the US government began printing fiat currency. Remember, fiat currency is a legal tender not back up by physical commodity (such as gold or silver) that the government put in place solely as a method of payment.

I received an e-mail from the Rich Dad email newsletter today recommending its subscribers to open a Smart Metals account. It is recommended by Robert Kiyosaki and Olivier Garret (co-founder of the Hard Assets Alliance (HAA)). The price is currently priced as low as it was in 2009-2010 and declining even further! I am seriously considering it.. especially since I trust Robert’s advice and consider him as my mentor. I don’t see anything wrong with buying Gold especially now since I know the financial crisis is quickly approaching.

I was reading the HAA Smart Metals Investor Kit article they sent me along with the link to open the account. What Olivier says makes sense.. “Gold is the ultimate insurance policy against the ravages of inflation.” Gold is hard to acquire which makes it a rare commodity. Hence, why the price of it is so high. Gold is limited and scarce. There is only so much of it available in the world which makes it highly valuable. You could say the same thing about land. Land is valuable too as it is limited and there are so many uses for it that you can never go wrong with buying land. The moment the US fiscal and monetary policies begin to collapse (which is predicted to happen soon), the demand for Gold will increase forcing prices to rise. Gold buyers will have to pay a premium for it. As a result, you will be the one to profit.

When I say Gold, I am talking about Silver, Palladium and Platinum. However, Gold & Silver are currently the only available metals you can purchase for non-US residents at HAA. HAA suggests the average person should hold at least 10% of their investable assets in physical commodity (Gold & Silver). Always keep in mind to hold your wealth in tangible assets.

Another option that HAA explained in the article are paper forms of Gold such as closed-end funds (CEFs) and exchanged traded funds (ETFs) however physical ownership always takes precedence. There are a few dealerships to look into if you are interested in investing in precious metals such as Mike Maloney‘s, Miles Franklin, The Coin Agent and Border Gold. These are the ones recommended by HAA. Ultimately, HAA is the recommended choice of Robert so I would just stick with that.

Again, though I do live in Canada our economy greatly depends on the US. I’d rather not take the chance and just invest a bit of my money in Gold.. even if I plan to only invest $1,000 worth of it for now.. I have just opened an account with HAA and am now waiting for my application approval. For more information, check out the link I posted below. I have uploaded a copy of the document I received from Rich Dad this morning below for you guys if you want more detailed information but make sure to subscribe to Rich Dad newsletters! The only reason I know anything about Gold is because I subscribed to them. If you want to be updated like me, subscribe subscribe subscribe! All of this content I talked about is not mine, it’s all Rich Dad’s and HAA’s. I do not own any of it. I am simply educating readers and increasing awareness over the crisis soon to come. I am preparing my readers for it just as Rich Dad, Sovereign Man and other websites are as well.

Always remember, do your due diligence! Education is key, knowledge is power. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I will continue to keep you guys posted the moment my application gets processed and update you guys on every step I take funding money into this account. Stay tuned!

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