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Learn how to leverage speaking opportunities to build visibility & grow your impact with this free 3-day online event!

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Leveraging speaking opportunities to grow your coaching business.


Coaches & aspiring speakers looking to build visibility, grow their impact and make additional income.


Nov 20 to 23, 2023 EST

Harness the transformative power of speaking to supercharge your coaching income!

Are you a coach eager to expand your horizons, unlock new revenue streams, and elevate your coaching business to new heights through the power of speaking?

If so, you're in the perfect place!

Why attend this free summit?

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Gain Valuable Insights

Attending the summit will provide you with access to a wealth of knowledge and insights from industry experts who have successfully transitioned from coaching to speaking. You'll learn about their strategies, best practices, and personal experiences that can help you navigate your own journey towards becoming a successful speaker.

Expand Your Network

The virtual summit brings together like-minded individuals who share similar goals and aspirations in transitioning from coaching to speaking. This is an excellent opportunity for networking, connecting with potential collaborators or mentors, and building relationships within the speaking community.

Unlock New Opportunities

By attending this event, you open yourself up to new opportunities that can enhance your career as both a coach and speaker. Whether it's securing paid speaking engagements or discovering innovative ways to monetize your expertise through public speaking platforms - this summit will equip you with actionable strategies that can help create additional streams of income for your business.

The Ignite Your Impact Virtual Speaker Summit is tailored for coaches who are ready to:

  • Amplify their coaching business by adding speaking engagements to their list of offers

  • Learn to engage and captivate audiences on and off the stage

  • Create an additional stream of income through public speaking opportunities

  • Connect with a supportive community of fellow coaches & speakers

  • Gain insights from industry experts to boost your coaching business

Not your average online summit

Each and every interview is targeted towards helping you build the courage to lead and grow your impact through speaking.

In a world filled with digital noise, there’s a better way to make your message heard and your brand stand out. Speaking takes center stage as we explore why it outshines social media marketing.

2023 Speaker Lineup

A woman with dreadlocks sitting at a desk with a laptop.
From the stage to the inbox

Learn how to monetize your message, build trust and grow your revenue through touchpoints.

Cheryl Sutherland

A smiling woman in a red jacket leaning against a white box.
Emotional marketing

How to use authentic personal experiences in talks on stage to deeply connect with audiences.

Keka DasGupta

A woman in a floral shirt leaning against a wall.
Unlocking Your Inner Speaker

Conquer and transform fear into empowering messages on stage.

Shelagh Cummins

A woman in a blue blazer with her arms crossed.
The art of speaker selection

Insider insights on speaker selection and pro tips for becoming an exceptional speaker.

Tami Adams

A woman with curly hair sitting on a blue background.
From Obscurity to Demand

Build your unique presence as a brand using effective storytelling techniques.

Cristina Yun

A woman smiling in front of a kitchen counter.

Magnetic Speaking

3 powerful mindset shifts for magnetic speaking and audience connection as an introvert.

Julie Greenham

Asian woman in a grey shirt posing for a photo.

Step into visibility

Deliver impactful presentations & strategies for personal impact.

Zoonie Nguyen

A woman in white pants and a blazer posing for a photo.
Speak with unshakeable confidence

Become a respected authority on stage & own your message with confidence.

Jessica Rivera

A woman wearing a t - shirt with the words wonder woman.

Reclaim your light

Connecting through vulnerability and creating safe spaces for open sharing and growth.

Abigail Teixeira

A black woman in a pink jumpsuit sitting on a pink couch.

Build authority & scale

Shaping influence with unforgettable presentations & marketing strategies to land you more speaking gigs.

Deidre Henry

A woman in a blue floral dress posing for a photo.

Create a bookable brand

Craft a powerful & memorable speaker brand and strategies to make your speaking services irresistible.

Rina Rovinelli

🎤 More speakers to be announced...

Meet Your Host

Corporate escapee turned web designer and brand strategist. I’m Fifa and I’m the founder of FeiModern, a creative studio that builds sophisticated brands & WordPress websites for purpose-driven women, helping high-performing speakers & coaches scale and take their business to the next level.

Over the years we’ve worked with dozens of high-impact women like you to amplify their online presence. Helping them build a strong foundation that allows them to confidently show up, share their story with the world and make a profound impact on the women they serve.

We created this summit because we want to help you build more impact and visibility for the work that you do!

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Got Questions?

Is this summit only for coaches?

Absolutely not! We’ve included an incredible lineup of diverse speakers for this summit, many of who are either coaches that have successfully transitioned to speaking or business owners who wholeheartedly believe in the power of their message and have effectively mastered the art of speaking as a way to build impact.

Speaking is a powerful way to build your credibility and impact in any industry, not just for coaching! This summit was created for any aspiring speaker who wants to learn how to leverage speaking opportunities (such as events, summits, and even podcasts!) to grow their business.

Improving on your speaking skills also means being an effective communicator!

Yes! We place great importance on making our summits as accessible as possible. You can rest assured knowing all our videos will offer captions! Transcripts will be made available if you upgrade your ticket to a VIP pass.

Each day’s featured speaker session will be available for free replay for 48 hours following its premiere. For unlimited on-demand access to all of the summit sessions, feel free to upgrade to our VIP ticket.

1️⃣ Unleash Your Speaking Potential: Gain insights from industry experts on how to craft compelling presentations that captivate audiences while establishing yourself as an authority figure within your niche.

2️⃣ Monetize Your Message: Discover strategies that will help transform your expertise into profitable offerings such as online courses, coaching programs or even bestselling books!

3️⃣ Network with Trailblazers: Connect with fellow entrepreneurs who have successfully leveraged speaking engagements by sharing tips, forming collaborations, or simply finding inspiration through uplifting conversations.

Not at all! Of course, we encourage you to attend as many of the live premieres as you can, but it’s not a requirement. Even if you only register for the free ticket and watch replays within your 48-hour window, you’ll still get an incredible amount of value out of this event!

Let’s be real. If you’re serious about growing your coaching business (or any business really), speaking is one of the most effective ways to put yourself out there and share your message.

Whether it be speaking virtually at a summit like this one, being a guest speaker on a podcast or speaking on stage at an event, this summit will teach you ways to leverage these opportunities to grow your impact & reach more people.


Ignite Your Impact


Let's inspire and empower together!

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us at

Cheryl Sutherland

Keynote Speaker, Mindfulness Workshop Presenter & Founder of PleaseNotes

Cheryl Sutherland is a Mindfulness Speaker and Founder of PleaseNotes, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled products. Cheryl has been able to grace the stage and work with different companies to spread the message of mindset growth and human potential. She has worked with companies such as Wonder Women Tech, WeWork, The Women’s Leadership Intensive, Quicken Loans, Freshbooks, Badassery Magazine, the Durham District School Board and more.

As a women’s empowerment expert, author, and entrepreneur, Cheryl Sutherland and PleaseNotes have been featured in InStyle, Huffington Post, Forbes, Fast Company, American Express OPEN Forum, Thrive Global, Brit + CO, Travel Noire, and on podcasts such as The Creative Empire, I Love Success, No Philter with Phil Pallen, and more. Cheryl resides in between Los Angeles and Toronto, Ontario.

Keka DasGupta

Global Speaker and Branding & Marketing Expert

Keka is a 50-time award-winning PR and marketing expert who has won the “Oscars of the PR industry” twice and has worked with world renown brands including: Nike, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, IKEA, American Express, among others. Today, she is a global keynote and TEDx speaker, and an elected board member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in Toronto.

Keka has spent 25 years learning to see and market the magic in brands and leaders, and with her interview, she’s going to teach you how to see the magic in YOU as a speaker!

Shelagh Cummins

TEDx Speaker, Business Coach & Founder of The Road to Seven™

Shelagh Cummins is the Founder and CEO of The Road to Seven  – a financing, coaching, and training company that specializes in helping women entrepreneurs who want to reclaim their time while strategically removing themselves from the fulfillment process and building their team, structures and processes, all while increasing their profits. We create a fulfilling and impactful business that supports your desired lifestyle.

 The Road to Seven™ works tirelessly to rewrite the rules regarding capital access for this resilient and highly dedicated group of entrepreneurs. We must stop asking why women are not good investments and ask how we can better invest in women.

Tami Adams

Speaker Coach and Founder of TA Speakers Management

Tami Adams is a dedicated and passionate Speaker, Agent, Manager & Speaker Coach who thrives on bringing people together for engaging and life-changing experiences. She believes that when people come together, that is where the magic truly happens. She loves using her voice to help raise others. 

After a decade of working in the professional speaker space, Tami started her own Speaker Management & Coaching Company in Sept. 2020. She works with professional speakers to manage their day-to-day and clients to bring experienced and empowering speakers to their events. She coaches new and emerging speakers wanting to get into this incredible industry and current speakers looking for consulting services for different aspects of their business. 

Tami is on a mission to bring more women to stages, sharing their experiences and helping others through life’s challenging times.

Cristina Yun

Personal Branding and Marketing Strategist

Cristina is a devoted mother of three known for her innate gift for building connections. She is a seasoned Marketing and Branding Strategist with over 15 years of expertise, a passionate storyteller, a community leader, and a dedicated networker.

Cristina’s firm belief is that behind every business, there exists a unique and captivating story that influences how entrepreneurs engage with and serve their audience. She understands that our shared purpose is to make a positive impact and serve others for the greater good of the collective. Cristina excels in bringing this purpose to the forefront, ensuring that each business is recognized, remembered, and trusted.

She will expertly guide you to continue your journey of learning, growth, and self-discovery, ultimately unveiling your distinctive superpower.

Julie Greenham

Success Coach & Founder of the Quiet Powerhouse Podcast

Julie Greenham, Founder of The Quiet Powerhouse, is a success coach, speaker, mom, boasting over 20 years of leadership experience as a Service Director for a major Canadian airline. Julie is passionately dedicated to propelling women entrepreneurs to new heights of success in both life and business. Through practical approaches, she equips her clients to chase and capture their loftiest goals. Julie’s mission is clear: empowering women with the tools and mindset they need to recognize and realize their own potential.

Zoonie Nguyen

Speaker & Storyteller, Video Coach & Founder of Talentelle

Meet Zoonie, a passionate communicator, speaker and “enter-training” entrepreneur who loves delivering interactive talks to hungry and curious audiences with a fearless voice. She founded Talentelle in 2006 with the mission to provide strategic training to help women achieve their chosen careers or businesses.

Her seminars and workshops have inspired hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs in various organizations. Zoonie’s story of surviving the Vietnam War, starting over in Canada, and reinventing herself from an electrical engineer to a “social engineer” has built bridges between people for fruitful collaboration and mutual empowerment. She has been featured in various documentary films and series including Une Nuit Sans Lune, Les Nouveaux Tremblay, Le Vrai Nouveau Monde, and Waves of Change, where she shares her personal stories and poignant accounts from her journey as a Vietnamese refugee.

Jessica Rivera

International Business Coach & Speaker, Founder of Impact Leadership & JR Coaching

Jessica is an International Business Coach & speaker based in New York. She helps executives, entrepreneurs and small businesses make the impact they desire on their business and career by helping them master their mindset, communicate effectively and strategize for success, resulting in peak team performance, removal of roadblocks in their business and profit increases.

Prior to starting her business, she was a sales and marketing executive in a top ranked international bank and responsible for generating 4 billion dollars in revenue.

Abigail Teixeira

Motivational Speaker, International Best Selling Author & Women’s Transformational Life Coach

Abby is a second generation Latina Canadian who believes that at the heart of every woman is a beautiful spirit, but life can sometimes test us in ways that are painful, challenging, and sometimes scarring. As a speaker, mental health advocate, international best-selling author and women’s transformational life coach, she speaks and writes openly about her ongoing journey of trauma and addiction recovery.

Through her speaking engagements, coaching and mentorship, Abby finds joy in being a source of unconditional love for those seeking a more vibrant and fulfilling life. She uses her seventeen years of experience and education as a nurse to mentor women so they can become the best version of themselves. Abby shares a message of hope, healing and all that’s possible when you reclaim the light in your life.

Deidre Henry

Speaker & Founder of The Sales Loft

If the Spice Girls have become one of the best-selling girl groups of all time by simply telling people what they “really, really want”, then my question is, why aren’t you?

With over 8 years in SaaS sales and coaching, Dee Henry has coached hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople on how to get what they “really, really want” through sales, social media and branding.

Rina Rovinelli

Co-Founder of Speaker Slam and Speaking & Personal Brand Coach

Rina Rovinelli, is a Top 25 Women of Influence™, and is the Co-Founder of Speaker Slam, North America’s Largest Inspirational Speaking Competition. She is a Speaker Coach and Branding Expert and she runs a Speaker Development Agency committed to helping Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Authors and Experts be seen, build momentum and monetize their speaking.