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How I Landed My First Client On Fiverr

 How I Landed My First Client On Fiverr

That feeling the moment you land your first client. I already had two previous clients for logo and business card designs but those were for my friends. This is actually the first time I ever landed a complete stranger as a client online. And it feels amazing! This man was nice enough to give me a chance even though I had no reviews at all on Fiverr.

The best part of it all was he was actually one of my followers on Instagram and the moment I posted my Fiverr gig up, he messaged me about it. I got so excited I jumped on it right away before he could even have the chance to tell me what it was that he was looking for in his project.

Since he was my first client ever, I knew I had to go above and beyond for him because I had to give a great first impression. I needed all the reviews and as many happy customers as I could get to be able to build my reputation on Fiverr.

I cannot thank this guy enough for being able to trust me with his project. This gave me a great boost of confidence and now I am motivated than ever to make this work for me. The gig is only $5 and  depending on the package the customer chooses, they normally only get 1 revision. However, since he was my first customer I gave him as many revisions as needed since I still needed the experience and I really wanted him to be happy with the results. I also gave him bonus files and styles that I would normally charge extra for.

He was thrilled but so was I. I put in double the work but I really didn’t mind because he was so happy. Happy people make me happy as well!

This just comes to show that you can never know where, when or how you will get your first customer. Who would have known it would be through Instagram? And who also would have known that a week later I would land my first client?


Build Awareness by Posting Your Gig Everywhere


Never give up hope and wherever you can, simply build awareness. It could be through social media,  word of mouth or even through the unconventional way like handing out flyers! However you choose to let people know about your services, just know that it’ll give you a higher chance of landing your first client if you post it to as many places as possible. The only platform I chose was Instagram. I didn’t even post it on Facebook nor Twitter. So you never know! But now that I know Instagram can work for me in terms of marketing, I am going to post it also on my Facebook so that my friends could know about it too.

If you’ve ever heard about Craigslist, they actually have an area on that site where you can post up your gig. I myself haven’t yet used it but I do plan to post up my gig there soon. You may even post it up on Kijiji. They have a services section where you can post up your gig there as well.


Be Confident and Showcase Your Work


As you guys already know, I’m an introvert and am usually not that confident. Occasionally when I feel like it I would snap one artwork or two but normally I am not the once to showcase my work. But this experience lead me to change my way of thinking. After all, how would anyone know I do this if I don’t showcase my work even to my friends?

By posting your work on social media, your friends will be able to get an idea of what type of work you do and how you do it. If you draw, post up your art. If you sing, record yourself, post it on youtube and share it on social media. If you help fix people’s resumes, post up articles related to why it is important to have the right information on it and post your Fiverr gig to social media for all to see.

Go out there and show the world what you can do! Build up your confidence and keep telling yourself  you are more talented than you think.

Every little step no matter how small will lead you to a better, more fulfilling life.

– Fifster

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