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Going to Learn WordPress!

I just bought a new course on Udemy on how to use WordPress. I am uber excited to try it out and learn web design. I know you could make lots of money if you are good at it and when one of my friends came up to me and mentioned to me that I could design websites and make some good money on the side for it specifically using WordPress, I decided I wanted to dive deeper into learning how to use it. So I waited for Udemy to have a sale (which they always do so never buy the courses full price unless you are desperate) and finally they did and I was able to buy the course for about $12. Pretty awesome deal! I already have experience using Weebly which I currently host this blog on but it is a much simpler and straightforward platform to use compared to WordPress. Any beginner with no web building experience can literally make a professional looking website within minutes. It really is that simple.

So I made an account with WordPress for fun just so I could compare the differences between the two platforms myself. Right off the bat, I could see how much more effort there is that goes into creating a website from scratch. Weebly on the other hand is completely straightforward. Literally you just drag and drop from a toolbar and you can see everything right on your page like a live preview. No coding required. The key difference between these two platforms is the customizable features. WordPress definitely wins when it comes to customization and complexity in theme design. Most professional sites are hosted on WordPress rather than the lather simply because you could add so many more features to it. That is all the reason why people pay web developers for quite a large sum of money to build up their website. I’ve seen postings for website design from $500 to $1000+ just to create one!

As you can see, there is huge potential here if I am able to learn how to web design. It could be a good side hustle if I am able to develop this skill. It will also save me a ton of money in creating my own sites instead of paying for someone to set it up for me. This skill along with graphic design could be especially useful when I want to create my own themes and sell them.

I am so excited to dive into this course !! If you guys are interested in taking it as well, I will link it down below for you guys to check out ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t ever stop learning and working on improving yourself !!!!! Stay curious ๐Ÿ˜‰

– Fifster

FeiModern is a creative studio that offers web design and branding for upscale coaches and speakers who are passionate about serving other women. We work with purpose-driven, self-identified women thought leaders, coaches and world changers who are fired up about making an impact and helping other women succeed. Our mission is to lift and empower women worldwide to build thriving businesses and help them feel confident in their ability to show up, raise their prices and charge their worth.

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