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First Dollar as a Freelancer !

Another update here for you guys. I know right? Two posts in one day, it’s a miracle! I am just uber excited to announce that I just made my first dollar as a freelancer!! I did not yet get paid because I am still working on the design. However, my friend has agreed to pay me $20 for my work. I am so excited and I feel the momentum flowing (Can you guys tell? My website is even looking better than ever). As they say, the momentum begins once you earn your first dollar. Once you have earned that first dollar, you get addicted. She did not yet pay me but I already feel motivated to do so much more. I am not sure if it was me that inspired her to start a side gig but I remember talking to her about how creative she was and how she was letting that skill go to waste. Since she was amazing at drawing and doing makeup, I told her she should go into fashion or become a makeup artist. Now she started her own gig on the side doing makeup for people! I am so proud of her!!

Anyways, long story short she reached out to me and asked if someone can create her logo digitally. I mentioned that I was learning photoshop on the side and made my own logo myself. I also mentioned that my boyfriend and younger brother were in graphic design and that I could ask them if anything. So I got some information from her on the details of her project and decided to try doing it myself first. I figured if I get stuck and can’t do it, I would ask my boyfriend or my younger brother to do it instead. Initially, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to get compensated for taking on this project. However, my boyfriend made me realize as I mentioned the project to him that I should be compensated for my time no matter what, even if they are my friends and family. That’s what his teacher said. “Time is money,” he said and I realized it was true. I probably spent about 3 hours working on this project for her. Why not get compensated even if it’s little? I needed the money anyways … badly.

It was a bit awkward at first to ask her for compensation but I tried to make it as casual as possible. I jokingly said, “Are you going to compensate me for all this hard work ? *laughing smiley with tears*” At first she said, “I will tell everyone about you and give you food lmao.” Then I said, “Come on, at least give me $20 best friend discount LOL.” She said sure and laughed.

Valuable lesson here guys. Don’t do work for free even if it’s friends or family. It’s still your time after all and you can’t get that time back. Whatever money you can get, go for it and don’t be afraid to ask. I didn’t think about charging her for my service because I was still beginner level. But after I showed my boyfriend my work he told me that I was actually very good and was even “better than him” apparently! That made me happy hearing that and motivated me even more.

The one thing that probably makes me stand out amongst some other graphic designers is my typography. Even though I know there are other even more amazing artists out there who do typography for a living, at least I have my own unique style that I can apply to my designs. I will focus on improving on this skill of mine.

One step at a time.

Here’s an example of my work in progress! Let me know what you guys think! 🙂


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