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Emma Givens: Content & Copy are the world’s original, branded copywriting experts. We serve small and medium-sized businesses selling premium services and high-end goods. They’re your partners who are highly invested in connecting you with the right leads for a thriving business long-term; helping you stand out online, increase your sales, and create loyal customers.





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"It feels like the experience that my clients would have when they work with me as a first impression."

Thank you Fifa for an amazing new website! I love it. It's so professional and so well-branded. It feels like me and my business; the professional image, the creative image, the confident image, and the luxurious image. It feels like the experience that my clients would have when they work with me as a first impression. I've had such great feedback from my audience. I've had people come in and fill out the contact form and not even, seemingly at least, blink when they select that part of the contact form that does remind them of the more premium price point as well because the website experience itself feels premium and the copy that I write for myself and for others in that kind of visual environment. A functional environment that is such high quality that it lets it do its job better and ensures as well that people are benefiting from the copy to the maximum because copy is critical.

And the way that they get to view the experience they have visually. Especially because of the subconscious associations that certain imagery brings out that lets the copy be as successful as possible when making sales, growing an email list and all the different things that I can do.

I highly recommend anybody looking for especially like a premium feeling website, whether its minimalistic or very intense and saturated like mine, it's a no-brainer to chat with Fifa. Thank you so much!


When Emma started her business, she DIYed her own site as most entrepreneurs do when they first start off. But over time as her business continued to grow and she began to transition from solopreneur to a full-blown copywriting boutique agency, she realized she had outgrown her website.

What started out as a simple website audit, turned into a full-blown rebrand.

She now needed a premium, strategically-designed website to clearly outline the various offerings she had available in the most simple and organized way.

The problem:

Not only did it seem like she was the only team member in her business, but the bigger issue was that she wasn’t attracting the right type of audience and gaining unqualified leads.

She realized she needed to expand her offerings and have them displayed in a way that reflected the luxurious and premium services she was offering to her clients and attract more of these types of clients.

The solution:

Even though she provided the website copy at the beginning, we had to take it a step further.

We strategized a solution together on how to minimize any potential confusion visitors may experience upon stumbling on her various offerings. The realization was that half of her offerings were catered towards the DIYers and the other half were hands-off, done-for-you services.

We also realized that a lot of her photos were not at all reflective of the type of audience and businesses she wanted to serve. She was trying to reach premium retailers and service providers such as wine, textiles, apparel, realtors, and luxury goods to name a few but nowhere in sight was her website displaying photos of these industries.

This website was definitely one of the more artistic and complex websites designed so far.

The different brand elements used within the design and graphics themselves were what made this website a little more challenging to develop. Not to mention figuring out an efficient and organized way to lay out all of her services in a way that didn’t confuse her audience.

1. Ideation: The first stage of the project was spent communicating different ideas, gathering assets and compiling resources together. She provided brand elements, style guides and her preliminary content for each webpage.

2. Design: After deciding on the sitemap and how we were going to lay out all the services, website goals and strategy, we got to work designing the wireframes and putting together the prototypes. We used a combination of stock photography and her brand photos to put together a selection of 3 initial home page concepts with various layouts for Emma to choose from. The designs all have subtle differences. Some elements that weren’t selected as part of the home page were added to her other pages where applicable.


Once the layout and home page concept was decided on, we moved on to design the rest of the pages and presented them to her for review.

3. Revision: After two rounds of refinements on the mockups using our favorite and simple tool, we moved next towards the implementation phase.

4. Implementation: The part where the website mockups come to life! We developed all the new designs onto WordPress, set up her Mailchimp API, installed all the essential plugins required as well as cleaned up the ones she was no longer using for security purposes. Animations, SSL, special transitions and basic SEO setup were also added during this phase.

5. Testing: Final testing begins! We sent Emma the link to the fully-developed site and once again asked her to go through one final round of testing and small edits on her end as well as ours.

6. Launch: We chose a date on which to officially go live and shared the launch of her new brand/website across all our social media platforms. Time to celebrate!

After some time collaborating and working through the concepts together, she now has a beautifully strategized website to put out into the world and can now attract the right type of audience that resonates with her new brand vibe.


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