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CURRENT FAVORITES: Echo Spot by Amazon

The Echo Spot by Amazon; a minimalist design with maximum entertainment that packs a real punch in terms of allowing you to accomplish many things hands-free. If you’re really looking into turning your home into a smart home, any of the Amazon Echo devices are a must! A bang for your buck and fairly inexpensive. The quality you pay for is a steal.

You know my boyfriend and I are all about aesthetics so we absolutely fell in love with its stylish, compact, minimal and contemporary design. We just knew it would suit perfectly with our bougie home interior.

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This Echo device has a screen compared to any of the other Echo series and is a smaller version of the Echo Show. It connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that plays music (connect to Amazon Music and Spotify Premium), answers questions, reads audiobooks (using Audible), orders food, schedules appointments, checks the weather, controls your smart home and so much more!

I was never really into these type of devices nor have I ever thought much of it until I decided to buy one as a gift for le boo’s birthday. The speakers on this device are surprisingly quite loud and fits wonderfully with our home decor!

I was struggling trying to figure out what to buy for him as a gift since he’s so picky but I remembered him mentioning to me about this device and how nice it looked. I also knew he wanted to turn our home into a smart home so I figured this would the perfect gift!

It also surprisingly does really well at picking up sound. We tried testing it out to see if the Echo Spot could pick up its name by whispering in a quiet room. It was able to hear us no problem!


Probably one of the cons I would say is if you put your music too loud, Alexa won’t be able to hear you call its name which is normal but I wouldn’t say it’s that big of a deal.
It also comes in both black and white so if you’re not feeling the white one, you get to pick black instead. It has a collection of different clock faces for you to customize to your liking so you’ll never get bored of the same look!

The best part about the Echo Spot is its ability to get smarter with use. It has “skills” that you can download using the Alexa app. New skills are constantly being added so you can have tens of thousands of different skills to choose from to fully customize your experience with the Echo Spot.

It also comes with a built-in camera so you may video-call with friends and family or connect to any security cameras around your home. There is also this “drop-in” feature that allows you to instantly check up on your kids or your home.

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​If you’re really looking to transform your home into a smart home, make sure to also check out the Yeelight  LED Light Strip and add some smart lighting to your home that can easily be connected and controlled using the Echo Spot! Now that’s really killing two birds with one stone wouldn’t you say

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