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Change of Plans: Amazon FBA, Etsy, Lashlifts, …

Hello my lovelies!

​I am back now after 2 months of inactivity… again…

I know I have said it probably a million times that I would blog more often but I know I haven’t.. so for those who have stumbled upon my blog who are actually interested in getting some updates, I am sorry for not posting as much as I would like to. So this is a little progress post after my enthusiastic plan on starting my own T-shirt business I spoke about in my last post.

I am in the situation at the moment to make a drastic change in my life and make some extra cash. There’s quite a bit of pressure on me now to make money as my boyfriend has started school and he is not working at all at the moment. The money I was planning on saving monthly towards our condo has evidently diminished and I am now barely saving a dime … all the money I make is gone towards paying off the bills and with the little leftover money that I do have, I try to put it aside to possibly fund towards a potential side hustle. Now, to figure out what the hustle will be ..

A lot of things have changed over the past 2 months and after careful consideration, I have decided to drop the T-shirt project and focus on other things though I have not completely given up on my idea. I would love to start selling T-shirts but most likely once I get a loyal customer base. The only thing that is different is my change of direction on what my product focus will be. I am still enthusiastic over the idea of creating products to help motivate people to make better of themselves. Thus, at the time being I am selling some digital art prints on my brand new Etsy shop that I just launched a little over 2 weeks ago. Currently, no sales yet and only 3 prints available. I have also launched my Instagram page and put myself back on the Twitter platform (after about 3 or 4 years of abandoning it). I’ll link both my Instagram and Twitter below for you guys to check out!

My focus at the moment is on trying to figure out the social media game and how to optimize it to my advantage. I experimented with Instagram promotions to get a feel of how it works. I can really see how beneficial this campaign can be. I was able to reach out to maybe about 600 people in a single campaign for under $7! I probably should have tested this out after my shop had at least 10 listings available but it’s okay… I understand how it works now. I only received about 17 visits to my shop though so I guess my content is not great enough to actually get people to visit my store. My take on this is do not start a marketing campaign until you have at least 10 listings up otherwise your shop will look too empty and will not look as attractive.. I also experimented on Twitter and managed to get a few people to visit my store as well. I will post the link to my new Etsy shop below, make sure to pay it a visit :)!

Other than that, I am still trying my best to experiment with Photoshop these days though I don’t dedicate as much time on it as before. My focus seems to shift all over the place and I continue to brainstorm other things I can possibly do to make money quicker. My boyfriend also started his own little side gig learning to barber and practicing on friends and family. Another one of my ideas was to start an Amazon business doing FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). One of my friend’s brother started it with his friend and together invested 30k into the business. Now they are making really good money selling one product on Amazon. As a result, I have been determined throughout these past 2 weeks on researching the best product to sell on Amazon. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the capital to launch this type of business and that success was not guaranteed so I put this project aside for now but continue to research products on my spare time. I was thinking if anything I would put an initial investment of $500 and slowly scale up. Though I have yet to find a product.. the great thing about it is that last week K and I went to an amazing local Amazon Meetup and met a ton of great people all doing Amazon FBA or who are interested in starting it. So at least now we have the connections if ever we have any questions and mentors to guide us through the entire process. One thing leads to another ..

All of these crazy ideas continue to spring into my head like picking up on lash lifts and potentially doing that on the side. My boyfriend’s cousin does that part time and she makes some pretty good extra income. She told me she will come to Montreal probably in mid June and is willing to teach me. I am uber excited! Another idea is to maybe learn to do nails and work part time at a nail salon. As I get better, I will potentially get my own customers and do it for fun as well. I am also considering tutoring English. All of these goals are for me to fund my new projects and save for our new condo in November.

The pressure for me is to make money now and I need to find a way. I know we will find a way. There are a million opportunities out there I just need to go out, not be afraid to take on new challenges and take action. The struggle is real but we can make it through and I believe in us ! Remember, when life takes its toll on you, just believe you can do it and you will.

“All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

– Fifster

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