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Catching Up With Old Acquaintances

So I know I haven’t really been updating my blog posts as often but that’s just because I’ve been busy these days going out, trying to catch up with old acquaintances and meeting new people. It feels so good networking again. I haven’t yet gone to any networking events but I have been meeting up with old friends and speaking to old acquaintances that I haven’t spoken to in years. It’s great seeing what people have been doing all these years and who has changed and who hasn’t.

I went to meet up with my old childhood friend that I see once every year or two. It was so nice catching up again. Within the past two weeks, I probably reconnected with about 7 old friends so far, met 2 people and shook hands with at least 5 people. I am making lots of progress! I actually planned a while back that I was going to sort through my whole Facebook friends list and start “unfriending” people. I am happy that I never got around to actually doing it because those connections have come to good use.

It is interesting because now that I am much more open-minded compared to before, the people that I found were “odd,” my whole perspective of these people changed. I often find myself analyzing them now and it is actually quite fascinating. The ones whose lives haven’t turned out the best for them, I feel like I want to help and inspire all of them.

Like today for example, I met my friend’s friend and he told me his whole life story. How harsh his life was and why he ended up in juvenile detention for 10 years. His family neglected him the entire time he was in there. His mother is a pot head and he has disconnected with a lot of his family. It was a truly heartbroken story. I felt like I wanted to just give him a hug even though he was a stranger to me. It just shows how important parenting is. If you raise your kids poorly and you don’t give them the attention they deserve, they end up on the wrong path. I would never want this for my kids that is why once I become a parent, I will give them all the love and attention they need. I will teach them all about business and finance and teach them to play the cash flow game. I am so glad my boyfriend has similar mentality as I do so it’ll be good once we get our own kids.

Never neglect those who are different from you. Be open and nurture the ones who have been weakened. All they need is someone to care for them and to give them the attention they lack.

Be kind and never stop smiling, it is contagious.

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