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Back to the Stock Market She Pivoted..

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Another update for you here. Yes, I do realize that it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve posted a new blog post and yes, I am aware that I did say I was going to blog more. However, once more I have greatly failed to deliver on my promises. I do sincerely apologize to anyone whose out there who has randomly stumbled upon my blog and who actually reads my posts for not keeping my word.

Anywho, here is my new 2 month update on what has been happening in my life. First of all, I am super uber excited to finally be able to move out in 2 weeks!! I have been anticipating for this moment for the longest time ever. My boyfriend and I have been eagerly awaiting this moment and counting down the days (though I would like to mention that by doing so, it made time 10x slower). We’ve already completed inspection last week and are currently in underwriting, ready to set up the appointment with the notary to sign the deed. Woo hoo! So ya, that’s the highlight of my last 2 months.


My Experience Day Trading


Another exciting thing I would like to mention is I recently got back into the stock market. I have been actively trading again trying to learn the ropes as I move along. Those of you who have followed me since the beginning of my blog will know that I always had an interest in the stock market but never really learned how to properly trade.

So these days, my boyfriend and I have been getting really into it. We are trying to day trade with penny stocks (specifically weed penny stocks) and have been getting really lucky with it! It’s gotten to the point where I can barely focus on my work at the office because I am constantly refreshing the stock quotes to see when to put in and pull out! Though I did recently learn to take advantage of learning how to place limit orders and stop limit orders (that’s the secret sauce guys!). I must admit, it’s exactly like gambling so it can get highly addicting. I would like to emphasize that getting into the stock game can easily get you carried away.

Don’t EVER put all of your eggs in one basket. My boyfriend and I made a few thousands with the amount of money we put into our stocks but that’s also because we were holding a lot of the stocks we purchased since last year. We saw it fluctuate immensely and were badly in the deficit at one point. It got so bad that we forced ourselves to stop looking at the negative numbers. We then decided to completely give up tracking on the stocks for a few months until this year when the numbers began to climb and we made a good profit off selling the ones we had. It was going good and we made some money off day trade but I got so carried away that I put way more than I was supposed to. I bought stocks that were priced way too high and now I am a bit worried because I put in the profits PLUS the cash I initially put in to trade.

My greedy side kicked in guys and so did my gambler side. A HUGE MISTAKE on my part. So now I have no choice but to strong hold and hope for the best. I do advise you never to do the same mistake I made. I repeat, NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket. Play with your profits ONLY!! Anyways, enough about that.


Updates on Belle Luxe Fashion


So any updates on my new site that I launched a few months ago? Am I rich yet? Of course.. NOT! I have still not made a single sale since I first launched back in August. I must admit, it is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I am actually thinking about scrapping the whole project altogether and focusing on something else. At this point, I feel like there is not much demand for my products. I did not do the proper research before launching and I dove too quickly into it without much preparation in terms of finding a profitable niche. So, I am thinking to either re-strategize or restructure my entire website to a different theme. Still not sure yet what I would like to do but I have been very pre-occupied lately with prepping for my condo so I have not been as productive as I would like to be.

One of my friends asked me if I wanted to team up with him to do Amazon FBA and I agreed to it last month. However, we have both been busy and have not yet had the time to really start on it. I am hoping for this to be my next venture. We will see.. but in the mean time I will continue to strive and keep myself busy, learning new things every single day and looking at every mistake as a lesson learned. I will never regret anything and neither should you. Keep being the best you can be and never forget to be grateful for the little things. Best of luck and until next time (hopefully in no more than a month again)!

– Fifster

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