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Are You Building Something to Leverage Your Time? The Next Steps of My Journey

Last month I picked up on the basics of using a DSLR camera, learned how to edit photos, use WordPress & also touched a bit on SEO. I’m also proud to announce that I successfully managed to sell my Belle Luxe dropshipping store!

I would say the month of April was a huge milestone for my self-development. I revamped my social media completely; I fixed up my Facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest,  focused on building my Instagram account, made an Inspire to Be More Facebook page and helped to grow Hustle Nation to 91 members! Suffice to say, there is still a ton of work that needs to be done but I am really happy with my results for the month of April. I managed to meet most of my goals!

​The Next Steps of My Journey: Social Media

​This month, I’ve decided to really dive deep into the Instagram algorithm and am currently attempting to understand the logistics of how to build a quality following and foster engagement. I’ve also met a handful of really great like-minded people within the platform. I read a ton of articles, watched videos, experimented and analyzed to see what worked best and what didn’t. I also stumbled upon this amazing article from Oberlo that could be useful to you guys in case you were interested about the Instagram Algorithm. By experimenting with this, I’ve begun to realize how much of an interest I’ve developed towards digital marketing. I think I may have found one of my new passions!

After listening to one of the Shopify podcast episodes on pulling off a $10k instagram launch, it reminded me of a few things. Even though I had fun and learned a ton from building websites, doing graphic design work and calligraphy, I realized that I wasn’t creating passive income. Instead, I was simply creating a new job for myself. I was still putting in the hours and getting paid for my work. I wasn’t spending time on building something that would work for me passively if I stopped doing it, which is my aim.

The Realization: Cashflow Quadrant


I would rather earn 1% off of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts. – J. Paul Getty

​Are you familiar with Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant? This book was one of the first books I ever read when I embarked on my self-development journey. Robert Kiyosaki’s books were what completely changed my mindset. I definitely recommend you to read his first book and then read this one second. The below info graphic will explain to you the key differences between linear income and residual passive income.

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I am partly employee, self-employed (side hustle) and investor. Which one are you?

​While there’s definitely nothing wrong with being self-employed and not having to answer to anyone, it’s not going to be something I would want to do for the rest of my life. However, it’s different if you begin to work on a project and then slowly expand to create something for yourself that you can begin to sell later on. As long as you are working to eventually convert from the left hand side of the above image to the right hand side, it is only then that you will begin to create passive income for yourself. An example of this is to begin creating a physical or digital product that you can be able to replicate and sell for yourself. This way, you can focus on growing your business instead of spending all of your time providing the service. The goal here is to find ways where you can leverage your time by automating whatever you can so that your service can eventually  turn into a business.

Despite the realization that being self-employed is not going to be my long term goal, I am most definitely not giving up on this anytime soon! With every new business there is a beginning stage and with every new beginning there’s always going to be more work that needs to be put in in order to build that foundation and a small customer base. This is also to help build on people’s trust and credibility towards you. Those first initial customers are going to involve the most effort when you first start off so that is something I am currently in the process of doing. I am simply moving from being a regular employee to becoming self-employed and then eventually find ways to automate it and turn it into a business.
Since I am still in my experimentation and learning phase, I am still dedicating as much time as I can towards my projects regardless of whether or not it provides me with passive income. Passive income will come later on as my foundation begins to grow and I can develop a way to outsource more and more of my tedious and time-consuming tasks to someone else. This will be a part of my long term strategy. After all, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Enjoy the journey, that’s my motto! We build now and we invest later. That’s the smart way of doing it!

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​@BossBabeImperial: The New Instagram Project

Do you have boss babe ambitons?

​​Of all the Instagram projects I’ve started up until now, by far this is the most exciting. Simply because I am doing it with one of my closest girlfriends who I’ve known since we were kids!

We are starting a brand new project together called @bossbabeimperial which is still entirely new and we have yet to post any content to the account but we are slowly getting there. Along with the millions of other projects I have on the side, doing this with someone else whose just as dedicated as I am will be interesting. For once I won’t be doing everything on my own and I’ll finally be able to delegate tasks and split the work with someone else.

As long as we dedicate some time each day to work on the project I am determined this will become a success. We have the same goals and we motivate each other every day through thick and thin.

This will be an exciting new project for us both. We need to start off first through the planning stage then figure out the layout, the content as well as the purpose of our account. I decided to do this as a way to help my girl start something. She really wanted to start a hustle of her own but felt like she didn’t have the money to do so but I told her she didn’t need any money to start something. Hence why @bossbabeimperial was born. If you’ve got boss babe ambitions and would like some daily inspiration, intel and motivation then follow us and join our community!

I’ve also yet another new project lined up in conjunction with the previously mentioned. It will complement well with my current blog and Instagram account. So I’ll keep you guys posted on that once I start it as well! I will also write another new blog post later on about everything I learn on Instagram digital strategy. Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know once that article comes out!

I am excited for the things to come and am definitely enjoying the journey as I continue to pursue my path of entrepreneurship.

– Fifster

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Are You Building Something to Leverage Your Time? The Next Steps of My Journey

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