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And the Momentum Begins …

It all started with a simple request and that’s where it began to take off …

For those of you who tuned into my last post, I spoke about how one of my close friends asked a favor of me to create her logo digitally. So I decided to take the plunge and take advantage of the opportunity that was given to me in order to practice what I’ve learned over the past month. I am really proud of my progress so far. With the help of my boyfriend and watching a few videos in my Graphic Design bootcamp course I am currently taking on Udemy (highly recommended course, I’ll link it down below), I was able to come up with a few designs and really start to get comfortable using Photoshop and Illustrator. Now my next steps are to continue to master these two powerful programs, start learning to use InDesign as well as learn to build websites using WordPress. If I am able to use WordPress, I can seriously make some good side money.

Anyways, after taking on my friend’s request to create a logo design I decided to randomly submit a post on my Facebook page saying if anyone ever needed any graphic design work done to message me because, why not? Low and behold, one of my friends sent me a message saying he didn’t know I did graphic design and told me about his upcoming project to build a small business website. He said for the small contracts he is able to secure, he would give me 100% of the profits. He said he might be sending some simple projects my way sometime soon if I was interested. I told him both me, my boyfriend and my younger brother either graduated or was currently learning graphic design and that seemed to really pique his interest.

This was a great opportunity for us! I am so excited and happy to be able to help all of us take on new challenges. This could be the start of a new venture for us! Who knows, maybe in the future once we have established ourselves and made a name for us in the marketplace we could even work altogether to start a company of our own and gain our own clients!

Opportunities come and go. Once it arrives, do not hesitate to seize it! If you fail, you learn from it but you will never know unless you try. Never be afraid to say yes. After all, you are your own future. You decide what you want you to do with your life. Ultimately, the decision is YOURS to make.

I am so excited to see where this will take us! If it doesn’t work out then at least we lived to tell the tale right? That is how I see it.

You live and you learn.

– Fifster

FeiModern is a creative studio that offers web design and branding for upscale coaches and speakers who are passionate about serving other women. We work with purpose-driven, self-identified women thought leaders, coaches and world changers who are fired up about making an impact and helping other women succeed. Our mission is to lift and empower women worldwide to build thriving businesses and help them feel confident in their ability to show up, raise their prices and charge their worth.

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