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Always Keep Going & Some Interesting Channels Worth Checking Out

I stumbled upon this very informative YouTube channel by a guy named Dan Silva. He basically performs case studies on Ecommerce businesses and records his results. It is actually quite fascinating and I love that he provides an abundance of valuable information for free. Of course, if you would like more content you would have to pay for his courses but if you are really serious about starting your own Ecommerce business, I would say you should give the program a try. I streamed a bunch of his YouTube videos this past weekend some of which were about 45 minutes long and obtained a lot of interesting information. He even has his own website which I will post down below called I definitely suggest you guys check it out.

I also came across this Asian YouTuber named Jane who works at the Toronto Shopify corporate office. The videos she makes are very entertaining and provide lots of useful information on how to start your own Shopify business. I watched every one of her videos and she makes it look so easy! I just love how transparent she is about everything. She basically started her own business selling tools for aspiring entrepreneurs (pretty much one of the ideas I wanted to do) and called it the Shopify Stock Room. I’ll add the link to her website down below in case you guys are interested in checking her out.

What makes her business unique is how she posts the amount of revenue she makes per month and how much she’s made so far so that you can see clearly how well her business is doing. She even posted a video about the hardships of being an entrepreneur and how stressful it can be. The reason she is so successful is because this is the type of content people want to see which gets me thinking how I can relate as well. Remember, I started this website two years ago so that you guys can see step by step everything I am doing and follow me throughout my journey to get out of the Rat Race. Mind you, I haven’t been posting as often as I should be but I am trying to get back to where I left off… But you can see how I too am only human and can certainly lose my motivation at any given time.

The idea is to always keep going.. you can take breaks as long as you can pick yourself up back to where you left off. I stopped at one point because I was reading too much where it became information overload. I wasn’t using any of this knowledge to take any action and that is what made me stop. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get somewhere as long as you keep moving. Don’t be scared and just do it. I was afraid but my boyfriend taught me to take risks. After all, you learn by doing and you learn through failures. If you are too afraid of failure, you will never take any action. You have to move in order to see results. Results don’t just come to you if you sit on your butt and wish. Don’t wish, do. Follow my motto, if you don’t like something then change it. Watch this eye opening video of Gary Vaynerchuk called “The 5 Min Plea to Do.”

“Test and learn, test and learn… learn how to love losing, don’t fear the loss”
“Fuck your gonna, go do it.”
 – Gary Vaynerchuk

– Fifster

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