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Aliexpress Drop shipping & Shapr

I was just on my LinkedIn account last night and I stumbled upon a status post of one of my old acquaintances saying that he teaches people how to make passive income drop shipping products from AliExpress. That piqued my interest right away so I messaged him shortly after. He told me he had just moved to Toronto back in December and he absolutely loves it there compared to Montreal. Despite being fully bilingual, he found that living in Montreal really stunted his growth so he moved to Toronto to look for brand new opportunities. He now works as an e-commerce specialist making triple the income he was making here in Montreal. It seems like many of my friends these days are all moving out of the city to Toronto. I also heard standard of living over there is very expensive despite the high income earning potential. It’s hard to live the life of luxury over there and many people who have moved there eventually came back. I am curious to know how it’s like to live over there. However, I would like to try to see if I can overcome the challenges living here before I pack up my bags and leave to another province. We will see how where life takes me later on …

Back on topic, he told me he tried both drop shipping on AliExpress and Amazon FBA and found that drop shipping was something he preferred to do. He mentioned if I was interested I could visit his Fiverr page and check out the different courses he offered. He also has processes already in place that he started and is currently selling on Fiverr. I will link his page down below in case you guys are interested. I didn’t ask for much info since he was trying to sell his course but that got me thinking. If you guys have read my last posts, I did mention that I am very much interested in starting Amazon FBA sometime once I get enough cash. So what piqued my curiosity was when he mentioned that upfront capital was not necessary and risk factor was a lot lower. That’s definitely something worth looking into … I will let you know guys know about it once I get more into it.

On another note, I stumbled upon this pretty awesome app called “Shapr” that takes the concept of the whole dating scene but instead of looking for people to date, you are looking for people to connect with that have the same interests as you. For example, if you are looking for job opportunities, freelance projects or simply looking to find like-minded individuals to expand your network then this is the perfect app for you! Quite an ingenious concept indeed. So far there are a litle over 100 thousand downloads and I tried it out briefly and it is really quite interesting. You can choose up to 10 hashtags regarding your interests. For instance, on my profile I wrote some tags such as #Entrepreneurship, #Startups, #Growth, #Networking. I definitely recommend you guys to try out this app and let me know what your thoughts are on it!


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