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Acknowledgements & The Action Plan

One of my acquaintances, Alexandre Clerment, quit his job recently in June and started his career as a full time blogger. Now, that takes guts. He was working as a busboy and dropped out of university. He was researching, listening to podcasts and reading a lot of self-help books part time while he was working (just as I am doing now). Today, he is slowly succeeding in his career following the footsteps of Tai Lopez. He has made it to the top 200 chart in his affiliate program and made a residual income of $3k one month! He was honest, he said he wasn’t making money until at least a year and half later. That is really amazing, I salute to him. Definitely check out his videos and website which I posted below in the links section. His YouTube videos are truly informative.

Seeing someone I know putting that much dedication and being successful gives me the hope that I can be just like them. Just last night, Karen and I met up for our weekly chilling. We established that we would meet up every week and hang out, be productive and brainstorm ideas as well as share everything we learned that week. I’ve never felt this productive since I graduated from University 3 years back. It feels nice, having someone to share these ideas and work towards the same goal with. I really would like to acknowledge her as someone I am so grateful and lucky to have in my life. We’ve helped each other for so many years through the ups and downs and I’m so glad that she is the one that I can build a team and work to be successful with. Though we did grow apart after we graduated University for about a year or so, we still managed to keep in touch and reconnect with the time lost.

I would also like to acknowledge my close friend Vimy who, even after not seeing each other for more than a year, we managed to rekindle our friendship. She has always been there for me even through my worst moments. When I felt like all hope was lost, she was my support. She lifted me up and encouraged me during those times of need and I sincerely thank her for that.

And of course, I would like to acknowledge the love of my lifeLy for always being my backbone. Supporting me all the way through and providing me with the confidence to keep going regardless of the downfalls. I thank you for pushing me to be the best that I can be.

Ok, let me get back to what I was saying before I entered my emotional moment. Karen and I met up and we started to write down a specific list of short and long term goals. We also decided to come up with an Action Plan (which I created 2 pages for that you can check out underneath the Journey Tab). I never thought I would find myself sitting down with someone establishing goals and action plans on my own. Usually I only do this in school and during Assessment periods at work so finding myself at a Shisha place, pondering and documenting my next moves was quite an unusual thing for me to do. After establishing these goals, I thought to myself, “Wow, we are really getting somewhere and it feels great!” I have never felt so motivated.

If you want to be successful, you have to create a mission for yourself and create an action plan. Writing it down somewhere where you can see it and easily access it generates a tremendous amount of momentum. Remember, if you are creating goals for yourself you have to be audacious in your goals. They have to be clear, realistic, attainable, concise and …hairy (just kidding!). I just remember in University learning about the acronym BHAG, which stands for “Big Hairy Audacious Goal.” I know, it sounds silly. But anyways, this BHAG is a strategic business statement used more by corporations. But yeah, make sure to create goals that are measurable. Very important in this sense because if you have goals that are measurable, it makes it easier for you to attain it and to put it into perspective.

Don’t procrastinate, write down your goals now and create an action plan for yourself. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do this because your life and your success is on a timer. Why put off doing something tomorrow when you can do it today? We don’t know if we will live tomorrow and most people forget this and take it for granted. Eradicate procrastination.

Let me end this blog post with a quote from Senecca:

“Putting things off is the biggest waste of life. It snatches away each day as it comes and denies us the present by promising the future. The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today. You are ranging what lies in fortune’s control and abandoning what lies in yours.”


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