So I decided I want to pursue my hobby drawing again. I neglected my talent for a while now after I started college because I figured there wasn’t much potential for my art skills as a career… so I gave up on it. I had the sudden urge every now and then to draw. Randomly, I would get this inspiration to draw something and I would turn on my classical music and simply draw the night away… I neglected my skill for awhile and I don’t think I should have. It was something I was born with so why not use it? I have a hidden talent not many people know about. Why give up on something I was gifted with ? After all, it relaxes me every time I draw. It’s like my stress reliever, my meditation. Why should I give it up? Why should I forget about it ?

So I decided to draw.. a comic. Pursue a hobby that gets me excited after work… And pursuing a hobby is what I did.

Introducing my brand new comic…. *drumroll please* ….”The Fifster Diaries!”

Coming soon to a screen near you. Stay tuned :)… X.O.X.O.

– Fifster

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