I have been thinking for awhile now.. actually all I’ve been thinking about these days is starting a business. I go to work every day feeling like I am wasting my time instead of doing more productive things like working on my potential business plan. I know I need the money though so I will not quit any time soon .. But every day I go to work thinking about what I am going to do once I get home. I come into the office and don’t really start working until about an hour or two later. I know, it’s bad.. but I’ve just been way too excited these days that I can’t keep my mind at ease. I was never really the type to have my brain active often but these days forget it. I can’t think of anything else. But it’s a good thing!

It’s time to document my progress on my first experiment of the year: Designing a product and making it come to life !

First step: Finding the designs & sourcing the right suppliers using Alibaba.

Stay tuned ;)! X.O.X.O.
– Fifster

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