Hey guys!

It is now February, about 3 months since my last blog post. I’ve been getting back on track in terms of getting my motivation up and running again. Got my momentum back and now I am even more determined than ever to really start a side hustle. I have always wanted to start my own business but of course, as with anyone the challenge has always been, “Where do I start?” Well for starters, I have decided to take action and motivate a few people again. Remember I made a Facebook group called “Cash Flow Mtl”? Well, I renamed it to “Hustle Nation” and added a few extra members to the group. My 2nd attempt at trying to revive the group.

I feel like I’ve accomplished quite a bit so far. I was able to change my colleague’s lifestyle into a more healthy and fit one! I train her at the gym even though I am not a pro along with a few other colleagues from time to time (though they lost their motivation throughout the course of the year). I also even inspired my other colleague to start a side hustle as well doing Etsy! I have another colleague I attempted to inspire and it seemed to spark an interest. It gave her ideas and she said she is willing to consider it! I love to inspire people.. this is one of the things that make me happy 🙂

So far so good for the new year. I have already been to 2 Meetups this year; one about Real Estate and the other about How to Use Alibaba to Source your Ecommerce Business. That is already a big step for me considering the new year has just begun! I also organized some meetings with K to brainstorm some potential business ideas. I am so pumped guys ! The last two years were the years I gained most of my knowledge through podcasts and reading books. I know at one point I lost a lot of motivation because no action was being taken. However, this year I realized my mistake and felt that it was time for a change. After all, my motto is if you don’t like something then change it!

This year will be the year of initiation and experimentation. I even bought a brand new notebook and started drawing again.. might even start some comics as a hobby 🙂 I even have a plan to learn to code on the side for fun using codeacademy.com! Let’s see how long I can keep the momentum going. I am definitely looking forward to seeing some results in the coming months !!!!!

Leggo! X.O.X.O.
​- Fifster

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