So lately, I’ve been reading a lot of articles and listening to many podcasts as you all know. I even recently switched up all of my email newsletter subscriptions to business and investment newsletters. If you’re really serious about investing and getting into the business mentality I highly encourage doing this. Instead of subscribing to shopping and retail discounts, why not subscribe to business articles? I recently subscribed to Tai Lopez who provides you with Book of the Day emails and summaries, Investopedia that gives you a wealth of information about investment strategies and articles. Also, Rich Dad and Sovereign Man. In addition, I also subscribed to REIN for all real estate investment related information. If you are interested in real estate, I recommend subscribing to them. They provide you with many tools and articles to help you get started in real estate.

Change newsletters, change your mindset! Instead of subscribing to shopping subscriptions that give you incentives to spend, I read up all about investments and learn so much everyday. I don’t allow myself to delete the emails until I have read them. It also forces me to read the emails because if I don’t, the emails will pile up really quickly and it’ll take much longer for me to clean up my inbox. And I hate taking so much time cleaning my inbox. Give it a try!


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